Breathtaking! NASA pours over 1.7million liters of water at about 100ft high onto rocket launch pads


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Have you seen the recent NASA's Launch Pad Water Deluge System Test? If you haven't you are missing big time.

NASA has been amazing us with different inventions, discoveries, unbelievable equipment as well as experiments over the past years and they have never ceased to amaze everyone in one way or the other. found their recent Launch Pad Water Deluge test to be fascinating and we think it will be cool to share the details with you. Read On!

On October 15th, 2018, at the NASA’s Space Center (Kennedy), the first test of their Launch Pad water flooding system was carried out.


 This test is like shooting half the water in an Olympic sized pool into the at about 100ft high

This water deluge involved sending a massive 450,000 gallons (about 1.7 million liters) of water above the launch pad surface to about 100 feet in the air and then allowed to fall and flood the launch pad.

NASA claims that this test is important as part of the preparation process for launching the first Exploration Mission slated for 2020.

Launch Pad Water Deluge System Test at NASA Kennedy Space Center

NASA also stated that this water flooding system is meant to help cool the flame deflector and mobile launchers that gets exposed to extreme energy and heat that is always generated by a rocket during their launching process. So, this water deluge will basically serve as NASA’s idea of a fast cooling system by the time they begin the exploration exercises in June 2020.  

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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