Latest cars acquired by top celebrities: Kanye West brings home a brand new Lamborghini Urus!


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Celebrities and cars are like bread and butter, or girls and diamonds, or ... well you get it. Check out the hottest and the latest cars of top celebrities in the world in 2019!

When there is fame and wealth, luxury is easily affordable. We have been seeing a lot of Nollywood celebs getting their new rides and we seem overwhelmed, but have we told you about foreign celebs?

International stars are always acquiring awesome new cars to top up their already exotic garages. While a few choose to be minimal with their car budgets, others go way overboard. In this list of the latest foreign celebrity auto buys, we get to see latest luxury cars acquired by top celebrities in the world, including David Beckham, Kayne West, Kim Kardashian and so on. Well don't drop your jaw just yet, relax while you ogle the best in hot foreign stars and their even hotter automobiles. A special scoop!

1. David Beckham Aston Martin Vanquish

The starting price of an Aston martin Vanquish is N107.2 million.

It’s not at all surprising that we get to see this rare class of cars from one of our favorite football players of all time. Thanks to James Bond movies, David Beckham got his inspiration to own this rare vintage ride. This car was exhibited in one movie of the franchise; the football star’s love for cars is almost as legendary as his left foot.


David Beckham Aston Martin Vanquish on London street

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2. Kanye West Lamborghini Urus

The price of Kayne West Lamborghini Urus is between N70 million and N98 million.

Just earlier this year, Kanye West bought this baby and went further to customize it with a cream-colored matte vinyl wrap and deep dish mono-block wheels. If you must know, this is one of the ‘many’ cars that this rapper and his beautiful wife, Kim Kardashian, own. Kanye’s garage is a dream come true for most of us.


Both Kayne West and his wife have welcomed new cars to their garage in 2019

3. Cristiano Ronaldo Rolls Royce Cullinan

How much is Ronaldo Rolls Royce Cullinan? - It can price up to N182 million is all that we can say!

Sad to admit but Rolls-Royce cars are not meant for everyone. However, if you can afford to buy this mother of expensive luxury cars, then big Kudos! Cristiano Ronaldo is not a newbie when it comes to acquiring luxurious cars; lately this football star has joined the many celebs driving the Cullinan, which is one of the world’s most expensive cars.


Cristiano Ronaldo Rolls Royce Cullinan is among the most expensive model

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4. Kim Kardashian: Mercedes-Benz G550

Though cheaper than her husband's car, Kim Kardashian Mercedes-Benz G550 is no less than N53.5 million!

She makes the list twice! If you are planning to own the latest Mercedes-Benz G550, a little bad news; this car will soon be regarded as old by Kim Kardashian as she already owns one. What do you expect when she is the wife of a certified car collector? This reality star was gifted this palace on wheels by her husband, Kanye West, who also customized it up in his wife’s favorite color: green. The overjoyed Kim did not fall to upload a series of its pictures on her social media pages. Hey, maybe this car will soon be starring in “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”


Kim Kardashian wears ton-sur-ton with her new Mercedes-Benz G550

5. Priyanka Chopra: Mercedes-MayBach S650 Sedan

You will have to pay at least N71.5 million to bring a Mercedes-Maybach S650 home like Priyanka Chopra!

We have been seeing a lot of Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas in the news, but this time, it's not about their marriage. Drunk in love, newly wedded Nick Jonas decided to purchase this luxurious car for his wife, and we are so loving it! Just to show how much she appreciates it, former Miss World, Priyanka zipped to her IG page to share the great news with cute words: “I love you baby!! Yaay! Best husband ever." Well, congrats to this lovey-dovey.


Priyanka Chopra was gifted a Mercedes-MayBach S650 sedan by her husband

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6. Nicki Minaj Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Just like CR7's, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan of Nicki Minaj may be tagged nearly N200 million while the base price of this model is around 117 million naira.

We know how Nicki loves to roll. This queen of rap does not just woo her fans on the mic but also with her rides. One thing about this star rapper is that when she buys a ride, she goes for the top dollar models. We are not yet over her pink Lamborghini Aventador which cost $421,145 (~N151.2 million), which she stacked up with her many other wheels months ago. She recently went on to purchase this luxurious Rolls-Royce Cullinan! Indeed, no dulling moment for this award winning singer and actress.


Nicki Minaj Rolls-Royce Cullinan might be slightly cheaper than the car of Ronaldo

7. Drake Mercedes - MayBach G650

Say Wow! Drake's Mercedes - Maybach G650 costs around 503.6 million naira!

Drake is one successful rapper and is quite well known for his many cars. Recently, this singer bought this truly formidably expensive car, and he even let us have a glance at it. Looking at this car we can't help but envy Drake as Mercedes - MayBach G650 is such a beautiful machine to behold.


Drake Mercedes-MayBach G650 is simply a masterpiece

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The celebrity lie is the bomb, right? And the autos are simply super! Do come back Naijauto for latest updates around Celebrity Cars worldwide!

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