Controversial LASTMA officials repair bad sections of the road in Lagos


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It seems LASTMA is good for something more than managing Lagos notorious traffic jams. It seems they also fix bad roads. Read the full story here!

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officials have a bittersweet, love-hate relationship with motorists in Lagos. When the road is so choked even a fly can’t get through, everyone is happy to see the cream on red uniforms trying to create order from chaos. At other times, the average Lagosian driver couldn’t care less. LASTMA officials are regarded statewide, as at best, a necessary evil, and at worst, the most irritating of public nuisances.


LASTMA is mandated to keep vehicles moving smoothly in Lagos

In general, the public stature of LASTMA officials has taken a series of severe bashings in the public eye over their perceived high handedness, incivility and less than scrupulous dealings with drivers.

So it was a sight to warm the inner chambers of the heart on Thursday the 14th when road users in Nigeria’s commercial center were treated to a most uncommon sight: the spectacle of LASTMA men going way beyond the call of duty, and fixing neglected portions of the road.


LASTMA officials add the "extra" to extraordinary

The roads in Lagos are the stuff of urban legend, and the subject of a grim power tussle between Abuja and Alausa that began during the Obasanjo/Tinubu era. Following disagreements as to the proper interpretation of local government creation laws, the federal government had starved Lagos state of her monthly allocations and to boot, had refused to fix federal roads of which there are many in Lagos.

Fast forward nearly sixteen years and one would have thought the situation would be different. Not by a long shot it seems, as the roads are still largely not navigable once you cross the bridges to the less connected areas of the city known as the mainland. Bad roads invariably make Lagos state’s notorious traffic situation worse, putting them squarely in the region of occupational hazards as far as LASTMA is concerned. It would seem the agency decided to step up.

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Lagos is infamous for its long traffic jams. LASTMA deals with it.

The LASTMA officials were part of a joint exercise involving the Nigeria Police. The road is located at Iyana Ipaja in Alimosho local government area of Lagos state.


Going beyond the call of duty for these officers

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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