LASTMA officer smashing lady's phone was attacked by other Lagosians


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A LASTMA officer has been attacked for seizing and smashing a lady's phone because she tried to record the officer while he was taking a bribe. See the video here!

A LASTMA official was seen dragging a lady's phone with her for trying to record the illegal activity he was carrying out. He seized the phone from the lady and smashed it. This angered other Lagos passengers who attacked the officer.


Here's the LASTMA officer dragging the lady's phone with her

A Twitter user with the handle @SubDeliveryZone posted a video of the incident on his wall. He said the incident happened at Alagomeji bus stop, Murtala Muhammed way Lagos.

The video, as watched by Naijauto, showed the LASTMA officer sitting side by side with the lady inside a Keke while another passenger recorded the incident.

One of the passengers can be heard saying, "If you know what you're doing is right, then give her phone to her." That makes perfect sense to us here.


This lady was recording LASTMA official's action when he seized her phone

Watch the video!

Of course, he was extorting their driver and he knew it wasn't right, the reason he took the lady's phone and smashed it.

Take a look at the reactions of other Nigerians when watching the video!


It seems online Lagosians are even angrier than the man in video

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