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The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) will start using the mobile device to track down traffic violators within the state. See more!

According to reports reaching us on Naijauto, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) recently made it known that every arrangement has been concluded to introduce a mobile device, which is capable of tracking and issuing tickets electronically to offenders of traffic laws within Lagos State.


The application of TMS is supposed to curb cases of traffic violation and severe gridlocks within Lagos state

Last Friday, Isaac Adetimiro, who happens to be the Deputy General Manager of LASTMA, disclosed this at an organized forum for the explanation of the functionality of the device, in Lagos. The DGM revealed the device, known as Traffic Management Solution (TMS), was actually meant for the capturing of pictures and videos of series of traffic violations as they occur in real time, without posing any harm to the traffic officers.

Isaac believes that this technology is needed to effectively and efficiently ensure a free flow of traffic without any form of obstruction, through interaction of the traffic officers and offenders on the road.

He said with the use of this mobile device, the state traffic officers will not need to engage traffic offenders physically or verbally on the road. LASTMA officers will only use it to capture videos and pictures as proof of evidence of possible traffic law violation.

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The LASTMA boss disclosed that the time, date and location of the violation would be easily captured by the device, which will therein transfer the data to processing centre for examination. This act according to him, will guarantee openness while fining violators for their offenses.

He said:

“Captured violations are reviewed in our Violation Processing Centre to verify beyond any doubt that a traffic violation was committed and that the correct corresponding value of the legal fine is attached to it.

“This significantly reduces erroneous violation notifications being sent to vehicle owners. Anytime a violation is processed against any vehicle, the owner gets an SMS notification.
“The violators have 48 hours to either make payment or challenge the said violation at the court of law. If any of these is not done, action and enforcement will be taken against the violators.”

According to him, up to 3,000 eligible residents of Lagos State will be employed at the Violation Processing Center at the kick of the new policy. These violations will be processed and saved into a central data storage bank for optimal safety. This stored information, to him, will be taken whenever the need arises, for viewing picture and video evidence, violation verification or for the payment of fines attached to the offense.


The newly introduced mobile device will be used to capture videos and pictures as they happen in real time

There is also provision for every car owner to review the violation at the nearest traffic court, wherein the ruling and decision of the court on the issue will be ultimate, in case it is being challenged by any offender in the court. He implored car owners to check their vehicle’s status via free online checks, client app and short codes. The DG believes that this device will help in resolving the prevalent traffic gridlock across the busy parts of the state.

The TMS will also remove cases of bribery common with traffic officers, as all payments will be made electronically.

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