LASG arraigns man who assaulted LASTMA official in a recent viral video


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New reports confirm that the govt of Lagos state has arraigned the man seen in a recent viral video allegedly assaulting a LASTMA official. Read more!

Whether you are in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, it is never right to harm or assault a government official while he/she is on duty at any approved station. This is one big lesson that a certain Lagos man is about to learn in a hard way after he was recently caught by soldiers when he physically assaulted and harmed a LASTMA official on duty.

After a series of investigation to confirm the authenticity of the viral video that showed the wounded LASTMA official, the government of Lagos state has now arraigned the suspect.


New reports confirm that Lagos State govt has arraigned the man who was recently accused of assaulting and harming a LASTMA official

According to official press reports, the suspect has been identified as a Lagos resident who goes by the name Ben Emmanuel. The reports also confirm that he has been charged for assaulting and inflicting injuries on a LASTMA official recognized as Ismaila Lukman while on official duty. The assault incident was confirmed to have occurred on the 8th of November 2020 around Jakande Junction in Lekki, Lagos.

Going by the press report, Mr Emmanuel is currently facing 2 count Charge of causing severe bodily harm to a Public official who was discharging his rightful duties under the law. As of the time of writing this update, Mr Emmanuel has reportedly pleaded “not guilty” to all the charges levelled against him and has been granted bail for a sum of ₦500,000 while his case has been adjourned till the 26th of November 2020.

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Below is a press video containing some footage showing the moment Mr Ben Emmanuel allegedly assaulted and wounded the LASTMA official on duty.

  Breaking News Man faces prosecution for assaulting LASTMA official while on duty

P.S: No matter how much you are offended by a government traffic official, please avoid assaulting them. You would be better off getting their name tags and officially reporting them to the right authorities rather than taking law into your own hands.

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