[Photos] LASEMA’s swift response averts fire outbreak on Festac Link Bridge


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LASEMA officials indirectly saved many lives in Lagos recently by responding quickly when a diesel tanker overturned on Festac Link Bridge. See photos here!

A catastrophic fire outbreak could have happened on Festac Link Bridge recently if not for the swift response of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency. Residents of the area were already panicking after a diesel-laden tanker overturned and spilt part of its contents on the bridge during the early hours of Sunday 8th of November 2020. Many people were already afraid of a possible fire disaster due to the incident but LASEMA officials reportedly did a great job in clearing the scene as quickly as they could.


Overturned diesel-laden tanker could have caused fire outbreak on Festac Link Bridge last Sunday if not for LASEMA’s intervention

Official reports on this incident revealed that the heavy-duty tanker was carrying 33,000 litres of Diesel fuel when it overturned while ascending the popular Festac Link Bridge in Lagos. This minor incident caused part of the tanker’s contents to be spilt on the busy road with possibilities of a fire outbreak at that moment. Before things could become worse, LASEMA officials had reportedly arrived the scene alongside men of the Nigerian police force and some firefighters from the Lagos State fire service department in time.

The police officers reportedly helped to prevent miscreants from scooping the spilt diesel fuel on the road. Similarly, the presence of the firefighters gave more confidence that any possible fire would be easily curbed as the LASEMA officials carried on with clearing the incident scene.

The reports further stated that leftover diesel fuel in the overturned tanker was transferred by LASEMA into a fresh tanker and taking away. At around 10.47 pm, media reports confirmed that LASEMA was able to completely remove the overturned tanker from the area using heavy-duty equipment.

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Below is a video that captured the moment when some alleged miscreants began scooping spilt fuel from the falling tanker before LASEMA’s arrival.

A diesel tanker falls on Festac link Bridge  

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