Larry - the Downing Street Cat put Trump's Beast to a halt


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Could you believe that a little old cat in the U.K stopped the U.S president’s ₦540 million Armoured Beast Limo from moving? See how this could happen! caught up with an interesting update from the recent visit of the U.S president, Donald Trump to the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Theresa May.

A certain “very important” old cat known as “Larry” living at “Number 10” was seen lying down beneath Donald Trump’s car which literally meant that as of that moment; the ₦540 million ($1.5 million) heavily armoured bullet-proof car had to stay parked that way and could not leave the Downing street by driving over the cat even if it might not injure it. Unbelievable isn’t it?


Can you spot “Larry” – the old cat lying underneath Donald Trump’s ₦540 million limo

Who is Larry?

Larry is popularly known as the "chief mouser" of Number 10 and it is 12 years old with his antics being popular around the whole of Westminster in the U.K.

The cat had joined the Number 10 family under the reign of David Cameron and has since then continued till now under the reign of Theresa May as well.


Larry is honored as the chief mouser by UK Prime Ministers


Larry shows up at important events at Number 10

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