Largest carmakers in the world and car brands under their controls


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The family tree in the auto industry is more complicated than many thought. Recent years, we have witnessed a lot of cooperation, divisions, entire units being killed, bankruptcies, sales among car brands, which makes us confused about which company owns what car brands.

With that in mind, will help you know what car brands currently belong to which automakers with the list below.

1. Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen was derived from Nazi-era as a desire of Germany is to have a “people’s car” to mobilize Germans.

Volkswagen Group owns: Volkswagen – Bentley - Audi - Lamborghini - Bugatti - Porsche - Skoda - Scania - SEAT – MAN - Ducati - Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ducati.

2. General Motors

Being the owner of many famous car brands in the US, the bankruptcy of the company in 2009 also led to the closing of some car brand including Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Hummer and Saturn.

General Motors now owns: Cadillac - Holden - Wuling - Chevrolet - GMC - Jiefang - Wuling - Buick - Autobaojun.

3. Ford Motor Company

Before the company controlled brands including Volvo and Aston Martin and now its structure is simpler.

Ford Motor Company includes: Lincoln - Ford.

4. Hyundai Motor Company

Initially, in 1947, Hyundai was found as a company specialized in construction and Kia was a company for producing bicycle parts. And as Kia failed in 1997, Hyundai merged with Kia one year later.

The Hyundai Motor Company controls: Genesis - Kia - Hyundai

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5. Tata Group

Tata Motors was established in 1945. The company acquired Land Rover and Jaguar in 2008.

Tata Group owns: Tata - Jaguar - Land-Rover - Tata Daewoo

6. Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi

Renault-Nissan bought Mitsubishi with a deal of $2.3 billion in October 2016.

Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi controls: Venucia - Samsung - Renault - Lada - Datsun - Infiniti - Alpine, a performance automaker - Dacia - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Renault.

7. PSA Group

The Group was founded in 1976, merging with Citroën and Peugeot. In March 2017, the company bought Vauxhall and Opel with a $2.3 billion deal from General Motors.

PSA Group owns: Vauxhall - Opel - DS - Citroën - Peugeot.

8. Toyota Group

Toyota Motor Company was established in 1937 and sets up its headquarters in Toyota City, Japan.

Toyota Group includes: Lexus - Toyota - Daihatsu - Hino.

9. Honda Motor Company

The Honda Motor Company owns: Acura - Honda - Honda Powersports.

10. Zhejiang Geely

Zhejiang Geely includes: Terrafugia - Yuan Cheng Auto - Lynk & Co - Polestar - London EV Company - Proton - Lotus - Volvo - Geely Auto.

11. BMW Group

The name BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works in English or Bayerische Motoren Werke in German. Since its foundation, the group remains its structure simple.

BMW Group includes: BMW Motorrad - Rolls-Royce - Mini - BMW.

12. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

America’s Chrysler and Italy’s Fiat was officially merged in October 2014 to be Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles owns: Maserati - Lancia - Fiat Professional - Alfa Romeo - Fiat - Ram - Jeep - Dodge - Chrysler.

13. Daimler-AG

Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) was formed in 1899 and 27 years later, Benz & Cie. merged with the company to be Daimler-Benz AG.

Daimler controls: Thomas Built - Setra - Mercedes-Benz Buses - Mercedes-Benz Vans - Bharatbenz - Western Star - Fuso - Freightliner - Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Smart - Mercedes-Benz.

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