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Many could only dream of what these super rich individuals have in their massive car collections. Click here to see the most impressive car collections in 2019!

In as much as many people desire to own or witness some of these luxury cars in a lifetime, you would be shocked to know that some individuals in the world are so rich to the extent of acquiring as many of these extremely expensive cars as possible for personal use. Well, you really cannot blame them since they are so rich and can easily afford these cars. Some of their car collections feature one-of-a-kind model, rare vintage and specially built cars to suit their needs and taste. Here on Naijauto are the top 5 largest car collections in the world.

1. Ralph Lauren – Polo shirt designer

Ralph Lauren, a style exemplar and fashion mogul, may be widely known as the designer behind ‘Polo” but his love for red cars has continued to be jaw dropping sight in the world of metallic sensation and hot engines, especially when he opens them up for exhibition. In his remarkable collection, Ralph Laurel loves flaunting his Mercedes, Bugatti, Bentley, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo roadsters, Ferrari and several other luxury brands.

Well, with an estimated net worth of $6.2 billion, you cannot blame this man for owning many red cars in his garage.



When you are super rich like the iconic Ralph Laurel, you can pick any colour for your exquisite car collection

2. Jay Kay – Jamiroquai Singer

Jason Luiz Cheetham, popularly known with his stage name “Jay Kay”, is the front man on the Jamiroquai’s music group. Jason is not about only about music or collecting hats; he surely loves cars and he can easily boast of 68 cars in his personal collection, including the likes of Bugattis, Mercedes, Roll-Royces, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Chevys. He has a special place in his heart for coupe versions since he has no intention of squashing his hat when behind the wheel.



The popular Jamiroquai's lead singer just doesn't collect hats, he has no-secret admiration for cars as well

Jay Kay, English musician and singer, has an estimated net worth of $70 million. That should be enough to buy many luxury cars for his comfort.

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3. Jay Leno - Standup Comedian

Popular American talk show celebrity and standup comedian, Jay Leno, with the net worth of $400 million, is known for his outstanding collection of 200 remarkable cars. Some of the cars you would find in his collection include a 1909 Baker Electric, a 1909 Stanley Steamer, 1931 8-liter Bentley, 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II, 1925 Hispano-Suiza and1927 Duesenburg Model X.

He owns 25 classic cars and 25 steam-powered vehicles. Jay Leno is indeed a classic man and he doesn't mind the amount he spends on cars in fulfilling his dream as a collector.


Undeniably, Jay Leno's love for classic cars is absolute and evident in the number of those in his collection

4. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan AI Nahyan - Emirati politician

The “Rainbow Sheik” is a billionaire member of the ruling elite in Abu Dhabi. He is popularly known for his collection of seven Mercedes S-Classes, each one featuring different rainbow colour, custom-made Mercedes monster trucks, Dodge Power Wagon, and any remarkable ride that suits his extreme sensational lifestyle. He is widely known for building the largest truck on the planet. Having $20 billion can sure do a whole lot of things.

image-of-Sheikh Hamad-7-rainbow-mercedes-s-class

Sheikh Hamad's seven rainbow Mercedes S-Class

The fourth son of the founder of the United Arab Emirate loves playing tribute to his addiction to cars by building monuments to his favourite automobiles, which he loves flaunting to the public.


Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan owns the world's largest Jeep

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5. Sultan Hassana Bolkiah

With the largest royal palace in the world filled with diamond and gold gilded bathrooms, and net worth of $20 billion, it isn’t surprising that this man has a lot of expensive cars in his collection. Infact he owns a staggering 7000 cars comprising 574 Benz, 209 BMWs, 452 Ferraris, 382 Bentleys, 179 Jaguars, 134 Koenigseggs, a number of SSC, Lamborghini, Cicero BDB Maestro, Aston Martin, among several others.

He also owns privately designed concept cars and limited edition cars such as Pininfarina-designed Jaguar, Ferrari Mythos, Bentley Java and 4x4 Dominator, Porsche Carma and Koenigsegg Agera CC. His car collection is absolutely stunning to see.


Officially, Sultan Hassana Bolkiah owns the largest car collection on the planet, including a stunning 7000 luxury cars

Sultan of Brunei Car Collection 2019 - World's Most Expensive Rolls Royce

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Owning just one of these cars in their collections could fetch a lot of money in today’s current market. These individuals are not just regular people you see every day. They drip of wealth and have a lot of cars in their collections that you might not see in a lot of people's garage on the planet anymore.

How much do you think their car collections really worth in the current market?

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