Land Rover Reborn Defender SUV challenges all terrains, supporting Kenya in wildlife conservation


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In a bid to celebrate World Land Rover Day, the British automaker has decided to take its fleet of Land Rover Reborn Defender SUV out on different terrains. Read on!

30th of April marks the World Land Rover Day, hereby recognizing 71 years of history with the British automaker’s all-terrain. In a bid to mark the anniversary, the company uploaded new photos that showed fleet of the latest prototype of 2020 Land Rover Reborn Defender SUV, showing their optimal all-terrain capability like conquering rocky terrain and tearing up off-road trails.


The Reborn doesn't mind dirty muddy roads


It isn't scared of burning sun in the desert either

From sub-zero (minus forty degree Fahrenheit) driving in the Arctic and rock crawling in Death Valley to fifty degree Fahrenheit of hot climate drive testing in Dubai and twisting the Nurburgring’s Tarmac, it can conquer them all.

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This fleet of SUVs have been tested on highly difficult terrains and extreme weather conditions

The fleet is dressed in Tusk camouflage that looks like a zebra with distance clock as long as 1.2million kilometers. These vehicles will also complete individual tests of more than 45,000.

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Especially, there is already a partnership in place between the Land Rover and Boranana Conservancy in Kenya, making use of the prototype SUVs in a bid to support their 14,000’s vital conservation work on the wildlife reserve. This will be the final challenge for the fleet.

By September this year, the new Defender will be officially unveiled with market release slated by early 2020.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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