You can now live in a Land Rover Defender makeover!


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You can sleep, eat and live in this Land Rover Defender camper makeover from Matzker. Check other features in this great vehicle and its price!

If you are thinking of going on an adventure to the most difficult place in the world with enough space to sleep, eat and stay, this is the perfect car for you.

Matzker, a German manufacturing company is specialized in producing off road rigs, but the company fancies the venerable Land Rover Defender. The company’s MDX version on this classic SUV, which is powerful and capable enough with its complete equipment, to go on any adventure you ever imagined. Whether the adventure is in the wilderness or not, you are guaranteed to come back safely. Even if you are not interested in commissioning a complete rig, you can still get the spare parts separately, which are sold by the German company. It gives you the liberty of building this main machine without even getting this machine as a whole.


This makeover land-rover by Matzker is custom built for all kinds of adventure on the hardest terrain

The MDX model of the Matzker Defender comprises overhaul rear portion that spans over a small portion of habitable area with a pop up covering which has a solar cells on it. In the interior, it has two burner-stove, toilet and sleeping area. When you feel too entrapped staying inside, there is an option of the exterior extending itself for providing enough sun shade.


With this Land Rover Defender makeover, you're confident in every adventure!

It features a higher body ride height, a simplified mounted front bumper and a snorkel air intake that comes out of passenger side fender. It has a forward facing light on the rack above the cab with addition provision for gear like spare tyre and tools. It has a bracket on the side of the living area which holds recovery boards.

Land Rover Defender Gets Camper Makeover From Matzker

Its 2.2 liters turbo diesel four cylinder engine is enough to generate much enough power in a 120hps (90kiolwatts) in a stock rim. There is room for upgrade with this Matzker. Which means its output can be extended to 197 horsepower.


How a Defender makeover look inside! - Exactly like a house!

If you are thinking beyond the Matzker Defender, there is also the company’s option using a Mercedes Benz X Class. All you just need to spend to get this magnificent car is $102,000. That is 36.8 million naira in our currency. The Mercedes C class donor door is not even counted in evaluating the price. Guess it is slightly expensive but totally worth the price.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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