See Lamborghini Urus SUV that Nigerian car dealer claims was cleared for ₦64 million


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A Nigerian car dealer recently shared invoice details claiming that a whopping ₦64million was paid to clear a Lamborghini Urus SUV in Nigeria.

A Shocking report recently surfaced online about how ₦64 million was paid to clear a 2019 Lamborghini Urus at the Lagos Tin Can Island port. This info was posted by an Instagram user who uses the handle “@carcontinent”.


Insider source claims ₦64million was paid to clear this brand-new 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV in Lagos port

Many people will be shocked to realize that the ₦64 million is not even the cost of the car and neither does it include the cost of shipping the SUV from wherever it was imported from into Nigeria. This ₦64 million charge is just the amount that was paid during the clearing process of the vehicle at Lagos port. Isn’t that incredible?

Check out some of the interesting comments dropped by other Instagram users below the “@carcontinent” post;

One user said: “this car is about 70m now and duty is 64m? Are we missing something?”

Another user said:

“2020 Brand new Lamborghini Urus is $207,326 with a destination charge of $3,995, which is N76,789,375, how come they will pay N65m as duty? That’s almost the entire amount of the SUV plus destination charge……no Customs need to calm down first”


The Lamborghini Urus is actually the first-ever SUV model to be made by the luxury brand

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Can this ₦64 million clearing charge claim be true?

Well to answer this, we just need to do a simple breakdown analysis of Nigeria’s current import duties and tax levies which we have done for you to see below;

  • 35% surface duty + another 35% additional levy = 70% import duty for brand-new cars imported to Nigeria

So, if we are to even use the $220,000 base price of this SUV then below will be a rough estimate of the total clearing cost to be expected:

35% IMPORT DUTY (SURFACE DUTY)  DTY   25,102,000
0.5% ECOWAS LEVY   ETL  358,600
 7% PORT LEVY  SUR  1,757,140
 7.5% VAT VAT   9,302,980.5
 TOTAL DUTY  61,622,720.5 

Would you ever pay ₦64 million as clearing cost on an SUV that costs you about ₦76million?

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