Lamborghini stolen from Switzerland found with Nigerian number plate in Ghana. Owner speaks!


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A Lamborghini stolen in Switzerland was allegedly found in Ghana with a Nigerian plate number. How did that happen? Now owner shows up with his evidence. Check it below!

Naijauto brought you reports about a Lamborghini that was stolen in Switzerland and found in Ghana, carrying a Nigerian plate number. The story is unfolding as the car owner, Deniz Torun, speaks up.


A photo of the car found in Ghana

According to Torun, the car was rented from his luxury car company, Lexus Car, by a man carrying a Ghanaian passport in Zurich Switzerland. Breaching the agreement, the said man did not return the car. He proceeded to deactivate the installed GPS, making it impossible for the car to be tracked.

Photos of the car were later posted online by another car rental company, Luxury Rental Benelux, claiming that the car was found in Ghana by their source. There were also pictures of the ‘car owner’ posing with the car.

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Driver license of the suspect when renting the car

Torun has clarified that, although the man spotted with the car in Ghana was present at the time of rental, he was not the actual person who rented the car.

Contrary to reports that the suspected car thief had reached out to the car owner, begging for the issue to be resolved amicably, Torun disclosed that nothing of such nature had happened. He was yet to be contacted by the suspect. He also clarified that, although he was sent pictures of the stolen car by Luxury Rental Benelux, he did not know them personally.


Face of the man spotted with the Lamborghini in Ghana

Interestingly, Luxury Rental Benelux who broke the news has deleted all posts pertaining to the issue from their official Instagram page.

Although Torun is confident that the car spotted in Ghana is the same as the one rented in Switzerland, the authenticity of that claim is yet to be verified.

The Police in Zurich have been informed of the case, and are working to unravel it.

Many people are wondering how the car was shipped all the way from Switzerland down to Ghana without proper documents.  This question and more will be answered when police investigations are completed.

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Passport of the Ghanaian man who got away with Torun's Lambo

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