Lamborghini says it will no longer participate in “Big” Motor shows


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Italian supercar maker, Lamborghini says it is done attending major, international auto shows. but will rather focus on smaller exclusive events. Why? Get the gist!

The popular Italian supercar maker, Lamborghini has recently announced that it will focus more on smaller and exclusive motor events for showcasing its newer models to potential customers. While some people might already be suspecting that this is another COVID-19 related decision; it isn’t. The automaker basically just wants to give its customers a closer “feel” and sense of exclusiveness which the brand is known for already.


Lamborghini says it will only participate in smaller car events from now to introduce its new vehicles

When speaking with Autocar India, Katia Bassi – the Chief Communication & Marketing Officer at Lamborghini explained the reasons behind the automaker’s decision to ditch popular motor shows. According to Katia Bassi, the company has decided to ignore big motor shows because of its increasing belief that smaller events will help them to achieve a more intimate relationship with their customers. Katia Bassi stressed that the majority of the “Big” motor shows are not cutting it anymore for the Lamborghini brand and its philosophy.

According to Katia Bassi, traditional motor shows will easily provide the exclusivity that Lamborghini now aims to offer its customers. And she also mentioned that such smaller events will help the company to create a “one-on-one” relationship with potential customers that desire such exclusivity.


Lamborghini says future models and concept vehicles will be unveiled in smaller (exclusive) motor shows

And speaking of future Lamborghini models, reliable sources claim that the Italian supercar maker is going to unveil a track-only powerful supercar that should pack a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V-12 engine with 830hp (619kW) power output. Despite the leaked info, there is yet to be any source that has an idea of the official name which Lamborghini plans to call this upcoming model.

Check out the video below which contains footage from 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show where Lamborghini unveiled the latest Urus SUV model;

  2020 Lamborghini Urus - Exterior Walkaround - 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

In case you are wondering what type of “Big” motor shows will Lamborghini stop attending, check out our article that highlights the 7 biggest motor shows in the world.

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