Lamborghini gives hints about its most powerful supercar to be launched in 2020


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Lamborghini recently teased the public at the 2019 series finale in Spain with its latest offering which will be a track-only hypercar designed by Squadra Corse. The automaker also confirmed that this model would be the most powerful Lambo with 830 hp produced. Read more details below!

Lamborghini Squadra Corse the motorsport division of Lamborghini recently teased the public at the 2019 series finale in Spain with its latest offering which will be a track-only hypercar. Details released indicate that the supercar will be officially launched in 2020 and will become with some kind of race track features. Lamborghini wants you to enjoy the tracks in a luxury supercar like you’re on a stage head-lining a mega show.

Before I forget, Lamborghini says this yet-to-be-named car will be a limited edition track-only supercar, meaning that only a few wealthy guys will be able to have one and you may have to visit a race track to see this one in action. When I say race track, I didn’t mean a Le Mans or an F1 race, as Lamborghini confirms this one will not be sponsored by it to any racing competition.

At the moment there isn't just so much information from Lamborghini on this supercar, however, we have a few facts to give.


A rare close look into the yet-to-be-introduced Lamborghini most powerful car

From the power details released, the 2020 supercar will take the title of the most powerful car in the Lamborghini family, comfortably claiming this spot with a power rating of 830 hp with its 6.5 Liter naturally breathing V12 engine similar to that you find in the Lamborghini Aventador. However, there is a good chance that this powertrain may be supported by a hybrid system, but this is left for next year when Lamborghini will launch this beast and then we will get to devour every single bit of info.

Features of Lamborghini most supercar in 2020

  • Carbon Fibre Monocoque

Just like you have in the Aventador, this supercar’s whole monocoque will be built with carbon fibre to offer higher safety and better protection for its occupants. Remember a monocoque is an integrated structure that includes the chassis and body frame of a car.


Carbon Fibre Monocoque of a Lamborghini

  • Body Structure Features

The front frame of this well-anticipated car will be built with aluminium which improves its weight ratio while not compromising reliability. Using aluminium also confirms our suspicion that a hybrid system may be included, since the extra weight from the hybrid power packs will mean extra weight. Thus using aluminium as the front frame material will be good, keeping the cars weight track friendly. A steel roll cage is incorporated into it, to offer higher integrity as well as improved bending and torsional stiffness to the car. Also for air intakes, airscoop located on the front hood and the roof will act as supply channels while the carefully crafted front and rear diffusers improve the aerodynamic abilities of the supercar.

  • Transmission and Powertrain Features

A sequential Xtrac transmission with 6-speed options will supply power to the wheels. The transmission has the rear suspension arm attached to it as a load-bearing structure to enhance stiffness and optimize kinematics. With no news of drivetrain to expect, we suspect that this one will come with a rear-wheel-drive system and will be supported by locking differential that can be adjusted to meet the demand of the circuit.

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Sneak peek of the highly anticipated Supercar by Lamborghini

Unveiled details of 2020 Lamborghini Urus ST-X

Also coming in 2020 is the highly anticipated Lamborghini Urus ST-X SUV which Lamborghini says can be used in racing. Remember only early this year Lamborghini released images and details of its first-ever SUV as it enters the SUV business. The Urus ST-X also developed by Squadra Corse the motorsport division of Lamborghini has carbon fiber used extensively to build its body parts like the front hood and the rear wings.

A twin-turbo V8 engine will power the racing SUV which Lamborghini says will feature in the 2020 World Finals holding in Misano Adriatico and this will be its first-ever racing event. Some other features of the Urus ST-X include a fire extinguishing system, tubular steel rollbars to reinforce the cockpits along with its carefully crafted racing seats.  


A twin-turbo V8 engine will power the racing SUV 


Lamborghini Urus ST-X is developed by Squadra Corse the motorsport division of Lamborghini

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