Lamborghini struggling to limit production to keep exclusivity


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Executives of Lamborghini are struggling to limit the company’s production in order to maintain its reputation of exclusivity. Read the full update here!

Anyone shopping for cars will usually find Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the likes being listed with high prices here on, as well as in physical dealer outlets. The reason for such high prices isn’t just because these brands offer luxury, technology, and incredible performance alone, their exclusivity also contributes massively to their high prices.

However, various shareholders and Wall Street marketers have recently begun pressuring most of these brands making supercars to increase their production quantity in order to yield a lot more profit. But, doing so will definitely compromise the exclusivity of these brands.

So, even though Lamborghini’s shareholders are really pushing for the company to hit higher production volume, the executives are really struggling to impose a cap and limit its production.

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After a massive sales boom for the Urus, Lamborghini is now struggling to cap its production

While speaking with reporters at one of the company’s recent event in Italy, the CEO of Lamborghini, Stefano Domenicali said;

"We must not go on growing forever. We now have to consolidate these results and preserve exclusivity."

Lamborghini has recently announced plans of selling more than 8,000 vehicles this year 2019 alone which Domenicali says it’s;

“the right dimension of our company with our current product portfolio.”

With such a figure of 8,000 target vehicle sales, Lamborghini will be getting a 39% sales to increase from its 2018’s figure of just 5,750 new cars. This statistic really shows how the company has been having a strong decade so far because it was only able to sell 1,302 cars back in the year 2010.

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Who can resist the temptation of buying such a powerfull off-roader?

The Lamborgini Urus SuperSport SUV has with no doubt contributed to the explosive high demand/sales being currently recorded by Lamborghini with a progressive revenue increase to ₦691 billion ($1.92 billion) in 2019 from its ₦576 billion ($1.6 billion) of 2018.

It’s not so clear how Lamborghini’s executives will achieve the implementation of a production cap as the current 8,000 cars target might even swell to reach 10,000 cars if the company adds newer models to its small lineups as well as its proposed electrified cars.

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