When Lamborghini car owners refuse to pay for a toll fee


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Are those people broke after lavishing money on their cars? Or there's a hidden reason behind all this absurdity? Spare 3 minutes of your time and find out.

Supercars! What is the verge of owning one of these cars? Too easy. Just by looking at the image of a Lamborghini, 10 ideas are popping out of my head. First off, their unrivaled, unparalleled speed and acceleration compared to 99% of other cars on the market. Second, their shiny appearances are almost never mistaken. Third, the distinct sound from the exhaust pipe, and the list goes on, almost forever...

But that is not the reason we're gonna be talking about today. The reason that you'd simply cannot imagine if you didn't actually have one of those cars. It involves the...parking fee. Are they overcharged if they have the tagline "super" in it?

Well, whatever the case is, it's hilarious when a Lamborghini car owner doesn't want to pay for toll fee. Let's see how he or she will do it!


With that height, a Lamborghini can pass the toll gate effortlessly

If you want to avoid toll fees, buy a Lambo!

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This is another similar case of a black Lamborghini supercar which can pass by a barrier without any difficulty.


The car owner passed the toll gate in front of others' surprise

Supercar drives through barrier without paying fees

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Jane Osuagwu

Jane Osuagwu

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