Lagosians' desire sent to Mr. Sanwo-Olu for his term of office


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Although the elections are over the work is not. The governor-elect of Lagos Mr. Sanw-Olu need to know the areas where Lagosians want him to concentrate. Check details here!

In the wake of the new era of governance that is upon us in Lagos state with Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu winning the gubernatorial elections, and while the merry, and felicitations are ongoing, it will be apt and definitely not out of place to identify areas that the electorates in Lagos will expect the governor-elect to concentrate.

We would like to hold the governor-elect by the promises of his campaign which are diverse but includes running an all-inclusive government, revamping the economy of the state and most importantly for most Lagosians, is the resolving of the traffic problems in Lagos. It is important to remind Mr. Sanwo-Olu that he promised to make positive progress in the areas of traffic within 6 months.

So, without further ado here is a list of areas Naijauto thinks Mr. Sanwo-Olu will do well to help the conditions of the citizens of Lagos as he campaigned. Here we go!

1. Bad Roads – pleases no more holes

This is important in alleviating the sufferings of the Lagos road users where as much as 65% of Lagos roads are in a state of disrepair. The number of potholes on Lagos roads are really alarming and causing a lot of fatal accidents. The potholes are also the cause of traffic jams where time and money are wasted, and the discomfort that it causes road users is unquantifiable. Perhaps it will be good and progressive if the governor-elect can build and continue the legacy of the outgoing governor with his #181LagosRoads project. This will go a long way to get the support of the people across the state.


Lagosians have protested against potholed roads so many times

2. Traffic Congestion

As a follow up to bad roads is the menace called traffic congestions that have not spared any part of Lagos State. The amount of time that is spent in traffic is almost equivalent to a lifetime of some individuals. Lagosians practically live in traffic.

The promises made in the campaigns of the governor-elect in solving the traffic congestions in Lagos should come to play with immediate urgency. The traffic management body (LASTMA) should be enhanced and properly motivated as they seem to have lost steam and direction. The traffic control devices including traffic lights should be revamped and properly maintained as they also seem not to be working anymore. Overall the traffic congestion problem should be addressed with the urgency with which it deserves.

3. Transportation

This is perhaps the area where the outgoing governor should be given resounding applause for work done.  Mr. Ambode, the outgoing governor has been able to arrest the menacing and seriously uncomfortable effects of traffic on the Lagos people with areas like Iyana-Oworo end of the 3rd mainland bridge, the Berger bus-stop, and the Iyana-Ipaja area, which is most notorious for traffic in Lagos.


Mr. Sanwo Olu should continue his predecessor's transport projects

However, there are still areas that need the attention of the government to arrest traffic in those areas. Also, the good works of the out-going governor in purchasing more modern BRT buses, upgrading bus-stops and lay-bys as well as trying to revamp the waterways need to be improved upon. Most importantly, the abandoned light rail project will do well if completed as this will completely free up the roads, and make transportation for the general populace an easy thing.

>>>  The outgoing governor has done quite a good job in improving transportation in Nigeria: Governor Akinwunmi Ambode transportation projects: A legacy to be remembered

4. Lekki Toll-Gate

This is another controversial area for the residents of Lagos where payment is made at the toll-gate that has been bought over by the state as far back as 2014. The tax paid by the good people of Lagos state is supposed to be used to build infrastructure like the Lekki-Epe road that is presently tolled after the concession company has been bought over by the state. Shouldn’t the tolls be over by now? How much is the construction of the road worth? How much has been collected as toll so far? How much is left to be paid? These are some of the questions Mr. Sanwo-Olu will do well to answer Lagosians in his proposed all-inclusive government.

5. Dirty environment? Let’s clean it up!

The cleanliness of Lagos is important to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the people. With so much population, it is a no-brainer that waste generated on a daily basis in Lagos is huge. Aside from the economic importance of waste recycling, there are other benefits the proper collection and treatment of waste will afford the people of Lagos. So when the baton is finally passed on the Mr. Sanwo-Olu, Lagosians will expect to see policies that will work to give an environment that is safe, clean and healthy.


Rubbish also joins the traffic with Lagos residents

6. Area Boys’ menace to society!

Safety of lives and property is also a very important factor for the people of Lagos, and any serious government should be able to guarantee this, as it is one of the reasons people vote in governments. So anything that appears to threaten the safety of lives and property should be the focus of any and every government. “Agbero” as these street urchins are usually referred, has been a menace to the society as long as can be remembered. Fights involving these street urchins don’t usually end well for the remaining law abiding citizens as they are the ones bearing the brunt of such fracases with properties damaged and lives lost. So it will be in the best interest of the people of Lagos state if these societal menaces are arrested immediately the new government is sworn in.


Area boys in Lagos are so typical that they've been featured in films

>>> Naijauto will update latest transport policies from Mr. Sanwo Olu in our Market News section!

Segun Ogunbiyi
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