Lagos ranked the 4th worst place to drive in the whole world


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How disgraceful to see Lagos state being ranked the 4th worst place to drive in the world. What might be the reason for the deplorable state of Lagos traffic? Read our analysis below!

Naijauto has gathered that the result of a recent study by Mister Auto – a European retailer that specializes in car parts, reveals that out of all the terrible places in the world, our dear Lagos city was ranked as the 4th worst city to drive in.


Congratulations to us Lagosians when living in one of the worst places to join traffic

Which cities are the best places to drive in?

Before coming to the bottom list, check the top best cities to drive in the world in the table below!

Top 10 best cities to drive in the world   
 Rank  Name of City  Country
1 Calgary  Canada 
Dubai  UAE 
 Ottawa Canada 
4 Bern   Switzerland
El Paso  USA 
6 Vancouver  Canada 
7 Gothenburg   Sweden
 Dusseldorf Germany 
Basel  Switzerland 
10  Dortmund  Germany 


Despite the harsh weather, Calgary traffic flow ranks the top in the world

>>> Again, Africa isn't present in best list: 10+ coolest airports on Earth: None for Africa

Lagos ranked among the worst places to drive in

And below is also a table that shows Lagos city among the worst places for drivers in the world:

Bottom worst cities to drive in the world   
 Rank  Name of City  Country
91 Moscow Russia
92  Rio de Janeiro Brazil
93   Mexico City Mexico
94 São Paulo  Brazil
95  Bogota  Colombia
96 Karachi  Pakistan
97 Lagos  Nigeria
98   Kolkata India
99  Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 
100 Mumbai India 


Good luck to those who are driving in Mumbai - the worst traffic flow on Earth!

Which factors do they use to rank "worst cities to drive in?"

Some of the top factors considered in preparing this ranking of “Worst places to drive in” include:

  • A total number of vehicles per capita: Every Lagosian is familiar with the huge number of cars that ply the city roads daily.
  • Overall traffic congestion: Just as there is always massive movement of cars on Lagos street roads, there are also the usually common Lagos road gridlock problems.
  • Quality of the road & public transport facilities: This factor is definitely one that can rubbish most Nigerian roads in any ranking test.
  • Road rage: The rage on Lagos road is arguably the wildest in Nigeria. This incident of Furious mob sets Lagos-Abeokuta road on fire is not so uncommon.
  • Amount of road tax (city) paid yearly: In half-year 2019 (January – June), Lagosians paid N14.5 billion as road tax and yet they can't have decent roads to ply.

>>> And I think only here in Nigeria, citizens have to build roads on their own money:

After considering all of the above crucial factors, one could hardly argue that ranking Lagos as the 4th worst city for driving might be duly justified.


Lagosians are aware of the bad roads but no one would imagine it ranked 4th in the worst place list

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