Lagos truck driver shows respect to Rolls-Royce car, makes way for it to pass (video)


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A Lagos truck driver makes an exception for a Rolls-Royce. Instead of bullying the car out of the way, it makes way for it to pass. Check out the trending video!

Tales of destruction caused by trucks on Nigerian roads leave a sour taste in the mouth. Drivers of the heavy vehicles often take advantage of their huge size to intimidate motorists on the road. It even gets worse sometimes, when they collide with smaller vehicles. It takes a miracle for such collisions to not be fatal. As a result of this, a video of a truck making way for a Rolls-Royce to pass in Lagos is trending online.


The truck patiently waits for the Rolls-Royce to move ahead

Truck drivers are always in a hurry to move. They know that drivers of smaller vehicles are afraid to drag the road with them. However, seeing the exotic white Rolls-Royce, the truck driver in the video knew that such a car must be very expensive, and must be owned by “somebody.” If he scratched the car in the process of trying to pass before it, he would get into serious trouble. So, he simply respected himself and urged the Rolls-Royce driver to move before him.

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This shows the importance of money. If you drive a fancy car, everyone, including crazy Lagos truck drivers, will respect you on the road.

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