Lagos traffic rules and fines, signed by Sanwo Olu in 2019


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The new government in Lagos is definitely not joking around with the state of traffic in the state. To avoid paying unnecessary fines, click here to see the list of 36 traffic rules and fines

Since the newly elected governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu assumed public office as the executive governor of Lagos State, there has been a very strict approach to traffic management in the state. This extends to bringing every resident of the state to a whole new level of sanity and punishment for breaking Lagos traffic rules.

1. Sanwo Olu shows no mercy to traffic offenders

Recently, an executive bill on waste management, environment and traffic was signed by the governor of Lagos State. This implies harsh punishment for traffic offenders regardless of whether you are ignorant of it or not.

Two traffic offenders recently forfeited their cars after breaking traffic law of passing through ‘one way’ in Ikeja, Lagos. This punishment was meted out after a court ruling against them.


The Governor himself, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu was seen dedicating his full energy in combating traffic issues in the state

Apart from towing expenses, the least financial penalty under traffic law in Lagos State is twenty thousand naira (N20,000).

This fine is obviously higher than the minimum wage of workers in the state and other places in the country. it is therefore very important you take note of these laws and penalties, which include fines, forceful enrolment in expensive state driving school and possible criminal prosecution. Here on Naijauto are the traffic offenses in the state and their fines.

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2. Lagos traffic offenses and penalties (2019 updated)

Below are the most basic Lagos traffic rules and fines, signed by Mr. Sanwo Olu. Please note them down carefully as you may face severe punishment even when you are not aware of the law!

 Lagos traffic offenses and penalties (2019)
Traffic offenses Penalties
Driving without a Driver’s licence  Impound vehicle
 Driving of any vehicle by person under 18  N30,000
 Driving with fake number plates  N30,000, 3 years in prison
Driving with forged vehicle particulars 6 months in prison
Driving with fake driver’s licence 6 months in prison
Driving without road worthiness Impound vehicle
Driving only yellow N80,000. Enforce painting
Driving Commercial vehicle without Hackney permit Impound vehicle
No display of Hackney permit Impound vehicle
Kabu Kabu without permit Impound vehicle
Disobeying LASTMA Officer N30,000/Impound vehicle
Neglect of traffic direction light 3 months in prison
Smoking while driving N30,000/Impound vehicle
Physically assault traffic officer N50,000/6 months in prison
Driving without full light N50,000
Driving with worn out tyre N30,000
Driving without spare tyre N30,000
Driving smoking vehicle N30,000
No fire extinguisher N30,000
Broken windscreen N30,000
Tinted windscreen N30,000
Eating and driving with one hand 3 months in prison
One way driving 3 years in prison
Driving without fasten seat blt N30,000
Not painting a commercial vehicle the approved colour N50,000
No car hire service permit 1st 20,000; 2nd N30,000, Impound vehicle
Parking on yellow line on any public highway/illegal parking 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000
Vehicle crossing double yellow line/center line 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000
Staying within the yellow junction box (offside rule) 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000
Failure to yield to right of the way of pedestrian at zebra crossing 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000
Failure to give to traffic on the left at a roundabout 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000
Driving on walkway or kerb Impound vehicle
Reversing on the highway & parking on walkways 50,000 naira
Obstruction of traffic 20,000 naira
Picking/Dropping passengers on illegal B/stop 50,000 naira
Driving on BRT lanes 70,000 naira

For detailed regulations, you can check the official announcment from LASTMA here!

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The situation of traffic in Lagos needs drastic measure and strict legislation in curbing all road menaces

Admittedly, there is no excuse for ignorance. The best way you can enjoy driving within Lagos State in this current dispensation is by obeying all the traffic rules and regulations. Be a responsible citizen to avoid being used as deterrent to other road users! 

>>> Visit news at for more traffic updates.

Oluwaseun Adeniji
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