Lagos police arrested traffic robber who swallowed women's wedding rings


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Traffic robbers are ready to do anything to steal from commuters, even if it means swallowing a wedding ring. However, the Rapid Response Squad have arrested them timely. See details here!

A traffic robber in Lagos who forcefully snatched and swallowed one of his victim's wedding ring over her inability to give him and his gang more money has been apprehended by officials of Rapid Response Squad (RSS), Lagos State Police Command in Oshodi area in Lagos.

Also arrested on the same day are three persons suspected to be traffic robbers.

The suspect who swallowed the ring named Taofeek Adebayo, age 19, and his accomplice,20 years old Toheeb Tijani were arrested by the police at Oshodi-Oke immediately they robbed a grey Sienna bus occupied by two ladies. The ladies were dispossessed of their wedding rings and gold earrings.


The two traffic robber suspects: Taofeek and Toheeb

The other suspects arrested were Samson Oluwa, 20 years old and Micheal Adamu, 22 years old. Both were nabbed at an all-night sting operation carried out by the police in CMS.

Reports Naijauto gathered says that 19-year-old Taofeek and his gang begged for alms to buy food from two ladies who were inside a Sienna. The women gave them N100 and they rejected it instantly.

The driver of the Sienna, who wants to remain anonymous narrated that,

"My colleague and I were coming from Anthony and heading to Ilasa for our association’s meeting. Three of them (pointing to the suspects) came near our vehicle. There was traffic and we could turn anywhere. We were scared. They said we should give them money for food. I reached out to my colleague to give me money.

She gave me N100 which I gave them. They rejected it. One of them said, ‘eleyi ki I se owo ti wa’. I told them this is what I have. One of them pulled my left ear and removed my earring.

Two of them turned to the other side of my vehicle. They threatened to waste us if we don’t give them money. ‘Where is the money’, they screamed at us. In a hurry to leave our car, they forced my friend to surrender her wedding ring.

This yellow guy (pointing to Adebayo) took the first one and swallowed it in our presence. His colleague took the other one."

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On interrogation, Taofeek said, 

"I swallowed it but I have vomited it and handed it over to Young Boy is the third guy when police were chasing us. I told him to hand over the rings to the ladies so that the police can release us but he absconded with the two rings and earring."

Taofeek's accomplice, Toheed Tijani, who was already wanted by the police for snatching a commuter's mobile phone in traffic, earlier on, said

"I have released the phone to the LASTMA officials standing in Oshodi Oke. They told me that RRS officers were looking for me to arrest me."


Lagos police promise to ensure the safety of citizens against traffic robbers

The two other traffic robbers were nabbed around midnight, while they were stealing from a motorist who was stranded around the CMS area, Lagos.

While reacting to the incident, the Commissioner of Police, who was Muazu Zubauru, stated that the police force will ensure Lagos remains a safe place for law abiding citizens. He gave orders that the traffic robbers be relocated to Makinde Police Division, in Oshodi and State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba.

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