Lagos trader crushed to death by train while trying to save son in SUV


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A Lagos trader identified as Christopher Ngobidi has lost his life to a train crash while attempting to rescue his son sleeping in his SUV parked on rail tracks.

We have just received a quite disturbing report about one shoe merchant identified as Christopher Ngobidi, who was crushed by a commuter train while attempting to rescue his son from his SUV. His son identified as Arinze is currently battling for his life as he lies unconscious at the hospital where he was rushed to.


The Lagos shoe merchant was crushed to death by train while his son lies unconscious in the hospital

From what we learnt, this unfortunate incident happened on Monday, the 4th of September around the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena in Oshodi, Lagos State. The commuter train in question had an earlier collision with a white coloured Ford Ecoline 250 bus with GGE 972 GE as a number plate around the PWD area.

As at the time when the train was dragging the Ford Ecoline bus to the Army Shopping Arena area, the Toyota Highlander SUV belonging to the late Christopher was parked on the rail tracks, with his son sleeping inside. Upon sighting the train from distance approaching where he parked his car while waiting for the shopping mall gate to open, the Anambra-born merchant raced to rescue his son from the car. Unfortunately for the man, he was crushed by the train while trying to save his son from an imminent death.

From a witness’s report, the man was hit and pushed inside the gutter with the car by the incoming train while trying to pull his son out. The train, on the other hand, dragged the Ford bus to Oshodi before it halted. Many of the shops around Ngobidi's store have shown their concern and support to the loss of Christopher's life as they stall businesses as they lock up their stores.


The Toyota Highlander SUV where his son was sleeping was parked on the rail tracks before the horrible collision

Nosar Okunbor, who happens to be the LASEMA's head of public affairs, also confirmed the earlier report of this sad incident.

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According to Lagos State Police command, 3 people were injured from the train collision. Muyiwa Adejobi, who happens to be the state's police PRO, revealed recently that the case has been sent to Railway Police Command for further investigation.

We also found out that the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, had visited the scene of the crash and also sympathized with the families of the victims.

The governor urged people to take precautions while trying to cross the rail tracks and also keeping a reasonable safe distance from it.

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