Lagos taxi driver returns passenger’s iPhone X


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A Lagos taxi driver prove to be a good Samaritan as he returned an iPhone X phone which a female passenger forgot in his car. Read how it all happened!

Despite the decadence in the country, good Samaritans still exist. A taxi driver in Lagos proved this to be true when he returned an iPhone X phone belonging to a female passenger he carried in his taxi. Unknown to her, she left the phone behind.

Narrating the incidence on Instagram via her handle 4everfade, she said that, on getting to her destination, she exited, forgetting her phone in the taxi. She wanted to make use of her phone at home, but couldn’t find it. While searching fervently for it, there was a knock on the door. Her husband went to see who it was. Behold, it was the taxi driver. He brought the phone back to her.


The woman was shocked at the driver's honest act

The lady who was full of gratitude to the taxi driver was shocked by his action especially in times like this when people are quick to make money through whatever means. She showered prayers on the driver and wished him well.

Acts like this are truly inspiring. They serve as a reminder to us that it pays to be good regardless of what anyone thinks.

Here’s the message she shared on Instagram:

“I took Taxify yesterday and forgot my phone (IphoneX) in the car. I needed to use my phone later but realized I didn’t have it with me. While searching in the house, the bell rang and my husband answered the door only for him to return with my phone. This Taxify driver (Emmanuel) returned home to drop off my phone!!! This act has further strengthened my belief that we still have honest Nigerians whose places value on integrity! Thank you Emmanuel, I’m still in shock at your act of honesty. I can’t reward you but I pray God rewards you and positions you in a better place. Thank you again and I hope you see this.”


The story has partly restored our faith in drivers of Lagos

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Chris Odogwu
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Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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