Lagos State Government revamps water transportation - procures new ferries


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In its plight to transform the transportation systems, Lagos State Government has procured new ferries to ease the burden of traffic. Click here to read details!

The inscription 'Itesiwaju Eko" as seen on the body of the new ferries delivered to the Lagos state government for the use of Lagos state Water Authority is simply not just a saying but the doing of the meaning of the words. The words are Yoruba words that literally translates to" The progress of Lagos is our priority" and the Lagos state government has shown this by receiving the delivery of brand new ferries which are displayed at the Ferry Terminal in the Falomo area.

The Lagos state government has shown its seriousness in transforming the transportation system of this beloved metropolitan state with so many cars congesting the roads in traffic, while precious time and money is being wasted daily.


The new ferries to ease the burden of traffic on its citizens!

Prior till now, the multitude of users of the waterways in Lagos have had fears about using the ferries for plying the waterways route and they have justifiable reasons to feel that way. These ferries are quite old and outdated and some incidents of ferries capsizing have occurred in the past which begs the question of whether they will get to their destinations safely.

The Lagos State government seems to be revamping the transport system one step at a time and they are leaving no stones unturned in their plight to better the conditions of the citizens of Lagos state.


Ferry Terminal in the Falomo area where the new ferry fleet is displayed

You will also recall that the Lagos state government just received the first batch of new BRT Buses that have some of the most comfortable features that are found in modern transport buses around the world. With features like free Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, entertainment devices, facilities for people with disabilities and the elderlies and so much more.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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