Lagos transportation levels up with smart buses commissioning


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Smart buses! What will Lagos state come up with next in its bid to reform mass transportation in Africa's most populous city? It is reality.

Lagos state was agog as Nigeria’s president M. Buhari arrived Wednesday, April 24th to commission some project. We have learnt that the state commercial intelligent buses are among the projects to be commissioned also?

The intelligent buses forms part of the Bus Reform Project that the Lagos state Governor, Akinwunmi  Ambode unveiled during the president’s visit. 820 buses out of the total 5000 buses were unveiled. This is just the first batch as the remaining 4180 will be unveiled subsequently.


Lagos state smart buses

Lagos is not new to using modern mass transit buses but these new transit buses are not mere commercial buses but are commercial intelligent buses, which are sometimes referred to as ‘smart buses’.

These buses are equipped with a good number of technology that aids in surveillance, safety driving, accurate passenger tracking, emergency service, easy connection and integrated traffic management. These we believe, is what could help tackle Lagos state’s transportation issue. This has been one of the problems facing the state.

The buses also come with cctv cameras outside and inside the buses, and others at the front and  rear end of the bus for easy monitoring of activities around its environment. There will be available USB ports, internet access, and special equipment and access for the physically challenged, pregnant women and the aged.

Most smart buses always come with smart cards which are used in its e-ticketing system but it is not yet clear if the state government will implement smart card usage among Lagos state residents.

It is hoped that transportation in Lagos state will be made easier through the use of these commercial intelligent buses. The buses will promote efficiency as travellers will expectedly reach their locations on time.


Governor Ambode has launched the transportation reform project

Lagos state is the first state to implement a commercial intelligent buses solution in its transportation system, and other states are expected to follow this lead soon. Beside this Bus Reform Project, Governor Ambode is expected to also unveil  the Oshodi Transport Interchange. His tenure expires in the month of May and public expectation is that the succeeding government will continue the good work.

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