COVID-19: Lagos Security personnel intercepts truck with 60 men hidden amidst cows


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Some Lagos Security personnel recently intercepted a truck loaded with 60 men hidden amidst cows on a journey from Zamfara state.

As part of efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 disease, many state governments in Nigeria have placed a temporary ban on the transportation of people from one state to another. However, a few Nigerian transporters are currently violating these travel restrictions by abusing the current exception allowing interstate transport of food items with few passengers.

A new report reaching us claims that security personnel recently intercepted a truck loaded with 60 men hidden amidst cows, illegal traveling from Zamfara state to Lagos state.


Lagos security personnel intercepts truck conveying 60 illegal travelers hiding behind cows

It's disappointing that many Nigerian commercial drivers and transporters do not only get into trouble for ridiculously overloaded vehicles but also indulge in the unapproved interstate transport of passengers. Just last week, large trucks transporting passengers into Kaduna state illegally were intercepted and turned back by security personnel at Kano state borders. This week, it’s a bizarre but similar report from Lagos state.

According to news reports, it was gathered that the men in the above photos were 60 in number hiding behind cows in a fully loaded truck that was coming from Zamfara state and headed to Agege in Lagos State. It was stated in the press reports that few of these men jumped from the loaded truck and took to their heels on sighting Lagos security personnel stationed at the Berger part of the popular Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The security officers reportedly stopped 42 of these illegal travelers from escaping and interrogated them.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t give any convincing reason behind their journey to Lagos at this time as well as their reason for hiding behind cows in the truck.

The video below captured moment when Lagos security officers intercepted the truck in question;

  Video, Photos: About 40 people from Zamfara hidden amid cows arrested in Lagos

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