[Photos & Video] Moment Lagos RRS used a drone to disperse curfew violators


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Check out viral photos and video of RRS police using a remote-controlled drone to disperse people violating 10 pm COVID-19 curfew time in Lagos. Check it out!

It was really exciting to see a viral video showing how the RRS police used a remote-controlled drone to maturely disperse COVID-19 curfew violators in Lagos during the late-night hours. What’s even more interesting was how the violators also responded properly and didn’t take the method for granted. This proves that newer technologies can be adopted by various government bodies in Nigeria for delivering their usual services more efficiently.


RRS police division in Lagos used a drone to disperse COVID-19 curfew violators and it was effective

One could almost think the headline is a “joke” until you see real photos and the video which we have attached to the bottom part of this post. According to online sources, the scenario played out on Tuesday 16th of June 2020 when Lagos RRS division deployed one of its remote-controlled surveillance drones to a certain area in Lagos state where people were in violation of curfew.

Reports claim that several people in the targeted area had their shops open beyond 10-pm which is a violation of the government’s COVID-19 (10-pm – 4-am) curfew directive. So, the RSS basically attached a loudspeaker to one of its drones and flew it to the area through which the police division was able to maturely give “last warning” to the curfew violators before their men would arrive at the location.

Check out the viral video below;

  Moment Lagos RRS used a drone to disperse curfew violators

For those who do not know yet, RRS (Rapid Response Squad) is a division of the police command in Lagos state that was set up for the sole purpose of speedy response to emergency security situations within the state. The RSS was initially called “Operation Sweep” back in the days of Mohammed Buba Mawa who ruled as governor of Lagos state during the military regime of Generals Sani Abacha and Ibrahim Babangida.

And speaking of the RRS and its speedy response, we can recall sometime last year when we posted a touching moment that Lagos RRS officers luckily averted a suicide attempt on the 3rd Mainland bridge. We hope this RRS police division will keep up such good standards in delivering security when needed by Lagosians.

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