[Photos] Lagos residents rush to scoop fuel from a fallen tanker


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Poverty or stupidity? New photos capture moments when some residents of a Lagos Community rushed to scoop petrol fuel from a fallen tanker. See pictures here!

Despite the huge number of fire incidents that have been recorded over the past few years in Nigeria, fresh reports and photos still show that some Lagos residents recently went to scoop petrol from a fallen tanker. Luckily, there was no fire explosion but it is just ridiculous to see that some people would still risk their lives to scoop fuel from a fallen tanker. It is quite shocking, isn’t it?


Residents of Badagry area in Lagos state rush to scoop fuel moment after a petrol-laden tanker fell down in their neighbourhood

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Going by reports, this recent incident occurred on Tuesday 6th of October along Aso-Odo road in a town called Igborosun located in the Badagry area of Lagos state. It was reported that moment after a certain tanker overturned in the area and spilt its content, many residents fearlessly rushed towards it to scoop fuel. The reports also stated that some concerned residents panicked and alerted LASEMA immediately (Lagos state Emergency Management Agency). Unfortunately, eyewitnesses claim that the residents scooping fuel were unabated even after security operatives got to the scene of the incident.


Lagos residents scooping fuel from a fallen tanker with no fear of possible fire explosion

Press reports later confirmed that Dr Olufemi Oke Osanyintolu – the CEO of LASEMA said the agency was notified early enough and they were able to send an emergency response team to clear up the incident scene. He revealed in his statement that the remaining content of the fallen truck had to be transferred into another truck which belongs to the Lagos state fire service. However, he noted that the fearless residents continued to scoop the spilt fuel until the agency was able to clear up the entire scene of the incident.

It is so disturbing to see that some stubborn Nigerians keep risking their lives each time they get an opportunity to scoop “free” fuel from a fallen tanker despite so many past records of such act leading to a fire explosion.

Below is a press video from just one month ago showing a similar ridiculous incident that happened in Ojokoro area of Lagos state;

  Residents scooping fuel from a fallen tanker in Lagos

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