DO NOT park behind Lagos prince's car or you'll be beaten your lips off!


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Since when did parking your car behind another person's car crime in Nigeria? Read this story now to know what happened and tell us how you feel about Nigerian royalty!

Some people definitely have no chill. Last time on, we reported a news story about an unfortunate woman whose lips was bitten by a driver just because she asked him for a lift. And now this time around, someone got a bleeding and swollen lips to show from an assault.

An Instagram comedian by name, Babatunde Ogunleye, who is popularly known on Instagram as Oluwadolarz shared a story on his handle, making claims of how a Lagos prince, Shola Oniru had assaulted him because he parked his car behind the Prince's car.

How Lagos prince assaults the Instagram comedian!

The comedian, Oluwadolarz told his followers that he had been invited for a birthday party and together with his friends, had gone to the party venue which was in Oniru area in Lagos State. He said he parked his vehicle behind a car. And later on, he was called to come and take his car out to enable the owner of the car in front of his vehicle drive off.

Oluwadolarz gave vent to his anger on his Instagram page through some rant videos he shared. The comedian alleged that the Prince slapped him and also threw a punch at his mouth because he parked behind the Prince's car.
Read his Instagram post below

If this is what royalty is all about in Nigeria, then you guys are f..ked; I respect kings and anybody that has to do with this royalty thing but this night, I went to Oniru for a birthday party with my friends and I parked my car behind a car

After a while, they came to call me that someone wanted to move his car and I went there peacefully to reverse my car and the next thing he did was to slap and punch me in the mouth without allowing me to say anything. He said why should I park behind his car. Prince Shola Oniru, you are f..ked up.

This is my hand; this is my blood; this is my mouth; just because I parked behind your car and I came to reverse my car and you were all angry and you just punched my mouth because I wanted to reverse my car.

This is trash; I didn’t say a word; all I wanted to do was to reverse my car because I hate arguing or fighting, and all you have to do was to stoop so low and behave stupid.


The comedian was beaten because of parking behind the Prince's car

In the video, Oluwadolarz shared, he was showing his hands covered with blood and a swollen mouth.
The ACP Nigeria Police Force, Abayomi Shogunoe, who is also the head of public complaint rapid response unit of the force, reacted to the video on Twitter. He encouraged Oluwadolarz to report the matter to any nearest police station.
See his tweet.

Good morning, this looks like a case of assault. Kindly lodge a complaint at the nearest police station to the scene, required action would be taken. If you are not satisfied with the police action, contact @PoliceNG­_CRU

And here is the comedian's response

Thank you .sir, I will be on my way

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