Lagos police put out fire which killed 5-year-old boy, rescued unconscious UBER driver with passenger


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A fire outbreak has recently been reported to have killed a 5-year old boy while police successfully rescued an unconscious UBER driver and passenger in Lagos. See more details here!

Naijauto has just gotten confirmed reports of how police officers in Lagos rescued an unconscious UBER driver with his passenger and also helped curb a dreadful fire outbreak that killed a 5-year old boy during the last weekend.

How Lagos police controlled fire outbreak on Ben-Okonkwo street

DSP Bala Elkana, the current PRO of the Lagos State Police Force narrated to the press that the Police station at Igando had received a distress call notifying them of an inferno that was overwhelming a building at Number 4, Ben-Okonkwo street, Igando. He said that on getting the call, Igando police officers rushed to the scene where they found a 5-year old boy whose name was confirmed to be “Praise Emeka”, burnt to death while properties worth multimillion-naira were already on fire as well.

He went on to reveal that, the Igando police officers combined efforts with the fire service department in rescuing few occupants of the affected building and also in curbing the fire from spreading further.


The Lagos State police department has been showing quite some efforts in recent times that deserve praise

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Uber driver & passenger were rescued after inhaling poisonous gas

DSP Elkana also disclosed in another report that, some police patrol team from the Bariga division rescued an UBER driver (Abiodun Balogun, 32yrs) and his passenger (Odisha Ginika, 21yrs), both found in unconscious states on their respective seats inside a black-painted Hyundai vehicle that was parked along Shobande area, Akoka in Lagos during the weekend as well.

Speaking further about the rescued UBER driver and passenger, DSP Elkana said;

“They were rushed to the hospital for medical attention while the vehicle was removed from the scene for inspection. They were resuscitated by the medical team on duty and later discharged from the hospital. A preliminary investigation revealed that the man was an Uber driver while the lady was his passenger. They became unconscious as a result of a poisonous chemical substance/gas they inhaled due to the leakage from the air conditioning system.”

These reports really show that it must have truly been a hectic weekend for the Lagos Police department truly.

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