Lagos Police officer acts as paramedic on road!


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A Lagos police officer is captured taking care of accident victim on the scene with his modest aid kit.

While many show disapproval of Nigerian police force, a Facebook account has shared the moment a policeman saving accident victim with his own First Aid kit. These pictures have gone viral on Nigerian social network just a few hours after being posted.

Lagos police treating the victim

Mobile Police Force treating the victim with their First Aid kit

According to this Facebook user, the crash occurred near CMS Bus Stop (Lagos Island) in the afternoon between a Keke NAPEP (Nigerian tricycle) and an OKADA (Motorcycle). Though the accident was not much serious, Mobile Policemen did rush to the site to support occupants.

Contrary to common belief that police means bribe or fine, these heroic men immediately took out their First Aid kit to treat the victims’ injury. As far as we know, Lagos Police Force have done countless first aid treatment to accident occupants right on the scene.

Let’s take a look at these heart-warming photos and share to restore faith in our state force!

Lagos Police and accident victims

Lagos Police treating accident victims

Lagos Police treating accident victims

Lagos Police treating accident victims

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