Lagos police deploy 1,000 officers and impound 357 cars to control traffic


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Fresh reports claim that the Lagos State police command has recently impounded 357 cars and also deployed 1,000 officers to control traffic across the state.

CP Hakeem Odumosu, the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, revealed during his recent press interviews that, 357 commercial and private-owned vehicles have now been impounded by the state police force. The commissioner disclosed that these vehicles were mainly impounded for traffic violations such as obstruction of highways, illegal use of BRT lanes, and driving against “One-way” lane.


Lagos state commissioner of police reveals that 357 vehicles were recently impounded in Lagos for several traffic offences

According to press reports, CP Hakeem Odumosu revealed that the Lagos State police command is currently mobilizing and also deploying 1,000 personnel to help control traffic across the state. He also disclosed that a new Anti-One-Way special task force has now been established within the state to specifically enforce proper compliance with all the Lagos traffic rules. The commissioner further explained that this new taskforce comprises of FRSC, LASTMA and police officers who will be working together to curb traffic law violations across Lagos state.

It is also worth mentioning that CP Hakeem Odumosu did well to highlight some of the major traffic offences that might get any Lagos driver into trouble at this time. The main ones that we could clearly pick from the commissioner’s list include:

  • Illegal usage of BRT lanes or driving against the traffic on a designated “One-Way” lane
  • Obstructing traffic on public roads by attempting to repair your faulty vehicles at the spot where it developed a fault. It is advisable to push your car away from the main road so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic
  • Covering of number plates as well as unauthorized use of sirens

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The Lagos State police commissioner also urged motorists to desist from all of the above-listed traffic offences and other forms of traffic violations as yuletide approaches. Below is a press video confirming this report.

  Comm. Of Police Deploys 1000 Personnel to Reduce Lagos Traffic

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