Lagos motorcyclist gets electrocuted in the attempt to rescue accident victim


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A motorcyclist was electrocuted while trying to rescue a mechanic who crashed into an electric pole in Lagos. Read the narration of witnesses!

A 27-year-old motorcyclist named Abdullahi Hassan has reportedly died in Festac town, Lagos after he was electrocuted while trying to rescue an accident victim.

Naijauto gathered the accident victim who was a mechanic, was driving at a high speed in a Toyota Venza and had crashed into an electric pole, knocking it down. The wires on the pole were said to come apart and fell to the ground.


The mechanic was driving at high speed when knocking an electric pole down

Due to the effect of the crash, the car somersaulted and residents close by came to the rescue of the mechanic.

Hassan, the motorcyclist, who was riding along the street where the accident happened had also stopped his motorcycle to offer a helping hand to the mechanic who was trapped inside the car.

Hassan was said to have stepped on the live wires littered on the crash scene and was electrocuted.

Some residents who were also present at the scene said, when Hassan got electrocuted, he was given milk to help resuscitate him. After that, he was taken to a nearby hospital where he gave up the ghost.

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An eyewitness, Mama Chima, told newsmen that when the car rammed into the electric pole, the power supply went off. However, when people came to the crash scene to help the mechanic out of the tumbled car, the power was restored which electrocuted Hassan.


Evaluate the situation carefully instead of rushing to an accident scene for curiosity

Mama Chima said,

"The accident happened a week ago; the man (Hassan) was not killed by the car involved in the accident, it was the wires that fell from the pole that electrocuted him.

There was no power supply when the accident occurred; so, people gathered there.

Suddenly, power was restored and Hassan’s body touched a naked wire and it electrocuted him and slammed him on the ground.

Onlookers thought it was a minor issue, so they brought milk and gave him, but he later died.

The people had already rescued the mechanic involved in the accident and Hassan was among those who gathered at the scene of the accident."

A trader in the area said the power distribution company supplying the area with electricity came down to the scene and disconnected the power, also removing the wires, having been notified of the electrocution which resulted in the death of the motorcyclist.

The PRO of the police command in the state, Bala Elkana confirmed the incident, adding that the body of the deceased has been handed over to the family and buried according to Islamic rites.

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