How far on the Lagos Light Rail project, Eko Bridge Axis!


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Lagos Light Rail project has been on for close to two decades while it has not been going on rapidly, one wonders what the problem might be! Check here to see details!

Naijauto has come to realise that most government contracts awarded are usually hindered by one bureaucratic bottleneck or the other. The usual hiccup a government contract will have will be lack of proper funding or irregular release of project fund.

The Lagos light rail project is one of those projects. Even before its commencement, there have been indications of the type of challenges it will face when it eventually started. By the time it eventually kicked off, the fears a lot of people had concerning the progress of the project, was eventually confirmed.

Lagos light rail project: How has the funding been?

The epileptic funding of the project has stalled its progress almost to a standstill. A review of the date of commissioning and access to the general public has been shifted more than twice. The initial date for the Marina-Okokomaiko Blue line at inception was 2011, later shifted to 2013, and then to December 2016, next it became 2017. Finally, it is presently slated to commence operation by 2022 after a project review by Alstom (French light rail consultants) in 2018.

This is almost two decades since it began, but we are yet to see an end in sight for this project so that the citizens can begin using this facility.

The carriage beam constructed on the Eko Bridge axis close to Leventis and Apongbon has been like that for a long time without any progress made.

It can even be noticed that for the construction of these carriage beams on the other end of Lagos, the Mile 2, Orile and the Iganmu axis, are seen to be decaying while it is being used by miscreants for hideouts when they commit their devilish acts.


The closure of the joints between the 7th and 8th pier during construction!

The present state of work - not much to say!

No major works can be seen ongoing as the CCECC workers are mostly just strolling around, and lying about or just having a gist. The information is that the government has refused to release money and workers have had to be laid off.

With the change of government though within the same party, it is anticipated that the project will pick up again under the leadership of Babajide Sanwo-Olu so that the benefit of this facility can be enjoyed by the good people of Lagos State.


The construction of the bearing beams when work was still ongoing!

Final take!

With that said, it is only normal to remind ourselves of the work done so far on the light rail project, and they include; completion of Caissons, closure of the joints between the 7th and 8th piers, while some other underwater challenges were overcome during this construction. Naijauto only hopes that this project will pick up soon and rapidly so that it can serve the people it was meant to serve.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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