Lagos-Ibadan expressway gridlocks: the constant discomfort of motorists & commuters


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Commuters and travellers on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway are usually caught up in traffic for hours on end, right from the Long Bridge to Magboro bus stop. See photos here!

It has come to the notice of Naijauto that the popular Lagos-Ibadan express road had become a source of tiring experiences for commuters as they constantly complain about the gridlocks that have become the order of the day on this road.

The gridlocks have without break caused lockdowns for motorists and commuters that ply this road. The travellers on this road heading out of Lagos towards Ibadan are usually caught up in this traffic for hours on end, right from the Long Bridge toe Magboro bus stop. The construction on-going has warranted a narrowing of the road adding to the Agony of road users.


The gridlock sometimes even spreads over several kilometers

With the breakdown of vehicles on this narrow road, it has made it even more unbearable for road users as it prevents smooth driving and encourages heavy traffic for long hours.

The Ogun state government has however been enjoined by motorists and commuters to take a leaf from its neighbours Lagos state to birth a rescue plan for easing the gridlock by removing broken vehicles on the road.

The road users have also asked that the state law enforcement be strict in carrying out their duties to arrest traffic offenders who go ahead to drive against traffic using the gridlock as an excuse.


Motorists get off vehicles and chitchat while waiting for the rescue

There have been reactions generated by some of the road users like Mrs. Yemisi Ayeni, who said that it is now a regular occurrence to be held up in gridlock when returning from work in the evenings.

“I don’t think the Ogun State government knows the importance of the state’s proximity to Lagos State because if they do, they should learn from them in terms of rescue efforts.

“Most times, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is overwhelmed by the gridlock and this is where the Ogun State government needs to assist in reducing the long hours' commuters spend on the road each day. We know that construction is on-going, but the slow pace of work by the contractors has made life difficult for people plying the area, especially when coming back from work in the evenings,” she complained.

Also Akeem Jimoh, a commercial driver, said in his reactions that undisciplined commuters and road users are to be blamed for the regular gridlock as some of them are fond of taking “one-way”.


A common scene of daily traffic over the expressway

“I think with patience, the gridlock will ease but most drivers plying the road are just not patient enough and most times, drive against traffic. Long hours are spent on the road every day, but I have made up my mind not to drive against traffic, regardless of the gridlock.

“Also, the contractors, Julius Berger should also hasten up the construction on the road to allow for smooth passage for those heading out of Lagos,” he reiterated.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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