Lagos-Ibadan Expressway 40% done: FRSC once again criticizes drivers' indiscipline


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As public concern about the prolonged ongoing work at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway continues, Government assures the project has hit 40% completion. Mentioning last week gridlocks on the section, the commander of FRSC Ogun state criticized Nigerian drivers' indiscipline as well as the ages of vehicles. Read below for more!

Mr. Adedamola Kuti is the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, and has said that the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, currently under reconstruction, is 40 percent complete. The project is in a bid to ensure smooth movement and safety for travellers. Last year section 1 of the road, being the Sagamu-Lagos end, was projected to be complete by 2021. This was to accommodate additional design elements to the original plan.


The Lagos Ibadan expressway is the busiest road in Nigeria, linking most of the country to Lagos ports

Mr. Kuti gave this information while local news agency on tour of the road met with the Federal controller. The road project is under contract to Julius Berger Construction Company. He said that Julius Berger was always on ground to make sure that the road is quickly completed within deadline. He also added that special funds under the National Sovereign Investment Fund has been allocated by the Federal Government to prevent lack of funding being the issue in any unforeseen delay in the progress of the road work.

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Heavy traffic jams have become commonplace on the expressway because of the ongoing construction

According to Mr Kuti, most road users’ impatience and lack of discipline are the major contributors to getting a road free from traffic snarls up, and this has also affected the work in the area too. He explained that the recent traffic jam witnessed around MFM junction was as a result of a similar situation.

It is acknowledged that the road section is among the busiest in the country even while still under reconstruction. Most Nigeria road users making use of the road are reportedly impatient as they drive against traffic rules. Kuti advised that as that road is a construction zone, it's not prudent that motorists drive at 120km per hour. He instead pointed out that a top speed of 50kmph is preferable.


Ferma supervises all federal roads, including the Lagos-Ibadan expressway

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Confirming the Federal Controller’s position, the Sector Commander, FRSC Ogun State, Mr Clement Oladele, reiterated that impatience in construction zones had caused the deaths of many drivers.

“In Ogun State, most of the 272 deaths recorded last year were at construction zones. Majority of vehicles around such zones are trucks and because most of them are not well maintained, they have the tendency to break down. It happens on other parts of the road but why Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is more challenging is because of the higher number of vehicles,”

He added that the FRSC had made a new policy of charging N50,000 fine to traffic offenders. If the offender doesn't pay after six months of the sanction the agency would refer the case to the Federal High Court and the driver will forfeit his/her vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Regional Manager for Julius Berger, Mr. Thomas Balzuweit has revealed that an effective system has been implemented to ensure traffic control on-site.

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