Lagos Govt issued 479,028 driver licenses and number plates in just 12 months


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The Lagos State Government has disclosed that it issued out 479,028 driver licenses and number plates to motorists in the state within the last 12months. Read more now.

A new report by the government of Lagos state has revealed that a total of 479,028 driver licenses and number plates were issued within the last 12 months to Lagos motorists alone. This information was disclosed during a recent ministerial press briefing by Dr Fredric Oladeinde, the Lagos state commissioner for transportation.


Lagos government says it issued out 479,028 driver licenses and number plates to motorists within the last 1 year

It’s been over 2 years now since we published a post that gives detailed information about vehicle plate number verification, cost & approved sites for a new number plate in Nigeria. This type of information should come in very handy at this time now when more number plates and driver licenses are being issued in most Nigeria cities like Lagos.

According to the recent Lagos transport commissioner’s report, a total of 191,028 drivers license and 288,000 number plates were authorized and issued within the last 12 months in Lagos state alone. The commissioner also disclosed in his report that the MVAA (Motor Vehicle Administration Agency) in Lagos issued around 6,000 new plate numbers every week and around 24,000 monthly which makes a total of 288,000 in just the last 12 months alone.


The government of Lagos state says its been issuing roughly around 24,000 new plate numbers every month over the last 1 year

The commissioner also mentioned that the current administration has now re-introduced the TVT (Temporary Vehicle Tag) in order to assist the process of maintaining a more robust database of vehicles in the state and to ensure adequate information sharing with Lagos law enforcement agencies.

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