Lagos Government debunks rumor of a new order to return seized vehicles back to owners


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Lagos State Environmental task force debunks online reports that Governor Sanwo-Olu directed the agency to return seized vehicles to their owners.

The special task force (Lagos State Environmental & Special Offences Enforcement Unit) has publicly debunked an ongoing fake report claiming that Governor Sanwo-Olu gave an order that the agency should return all the vehicles seized to the owners.


Lagos Environmental task force debunks false claims that the governor has ordered them to return seized vehicles

In an official statement, Olayinka Egbeyemi – the current Chairman of the Lagos Environmental agency mentioned above, has refuted all claims purporting that current actions by the task force are follow-ups, after sending Governor Sanwo-Olu a memo seeking for approval to put seized vehicles up for auction in order to create space to store new ones.

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Mr Egbeyemi says he is not aware of both the so-called “memo” and neither was he ordered by the state governor to release impounded vehicles to owners. In a new release press statement, Egbeyemi said;

“Governor Sanwo-Olu is conscious of the provisions contained in the 2018 amended Traffic Law as it relates to the duties of the task force and will never make pronouncements contrary to the provisions of the law,”

As a matter of fact, Mr Egbeyemi even recalled that Governor Sanwo-Olu had on numerous occasions stated that proper consequences should be served to himself or any of his own family members that ever violates the Lagos traffic laws. So, why would anyone believe such rumors about the “false order” they claim he gave to the agency?

The general public is hereby urged to avoid being misled and hence disregard some of this false news usually spread online by unknown rumor mongers with no real faces to them.

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