Lagos conductor acts as bonnet holder for moving Danfo bus


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The weird things we see in Lagos! A conductor was sighted holding the bonnet of their moving Danfo bus. Check the video below!

Lagos is one crazy state where people are ready to do anything just for survival!

A Danfo bus was spotted on Third Mainland Bridge Lagos with the conductor holding the bonnet as the bus was moving down the road.


I wonder what's going on there!

The video showed the bus conductor holding the bonnet with his left hand, while the right hand is inside the engine. Now, we can't help but wonder what's going on there. How was he able to sit on the bus and holding the bonnet of the moving bus?

Watch the video our readers shared with Naijauto - the biggest car website in Nigeria!

This is quite risky considering that the conductor may fall off the moving Danfo bus

>>> Only in Nigeria:

Who knows what was wrong with the bus to have prompted that ridiculous display by the conductor.

Since the video went viral on social media, many users have reacted to it.

Here, check them out.

obiekune2: Lagos!

True definition of a jungle

calddon: Bus conductor..... Thatz the most dangerous job in all of Lagos

lizilicious: Its all fun and games until he falls off...

slawormir: As a real niggarrr i can say a lot of shit goes on in Lagos

deepwater: Bonnet Holder Kor
Booth Clipper Ni

The fuel pump of that bus done die
Baba they use hand press fuel enter the engine direct.
That motor must reach oworo as u see am so undecided

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