Lagos council officials asked new pastor to pay ₦25,000 for moving on the road


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A Nigerian pastor was made to curb out a sum of ₦25,000 after he was alleged for traffic offence by the Oshodi/Isolo Local Government officials. It turned out all that the pastor did was just moving on the road. Read details below!

It appears Lagos traffic law is no respecter of anybody, regardless of your societal status, age or tribe. Naijauto learnt that one Dr. John Awe, who is a serving pastor at Christ Apostolic Church within Lagos, has been asked to pay twenty-five thousand naira by officials of the Oshodi-Isolo local government area, for allegedly breaking one of the traffic rules of the state.


Moving the car in guided direction, the newcomer to Lagos roads was arrested

It was reported that the pastor, who was just posted from Kaduna to Lagos, was apprehended for obstructing traffic with his vehicle.

From what Awe told one of the news outlets in Nigeria, he said he was attending a meeting with the church’s district superintendent at Ajenifuja area on 18 October, 2018, when he was confronted by these officials precisely at a junction very close to Mafolukun Market. He further disclosed that as at that time, one of the 4 men was directing the traffic since there was light traffic. He said he moved his car with the set of vehicles directed by the official, only to find 2 of them right at the middle of the road in front of him.

Awe said:

“It is rather unfortunate that I came across this notorious gang in the service of Oshodi-Isolo LGA all in the name of traffic control. Their medium of operation is mischievous and in fact, it is a crime against humanity for one to be deceived, manipulated and cornered into an offence one has never committed.

“On that day, I was driving towards Mafoluku–Oja. The traffic was moving without any hindrance until I got to a junction, where I met about four people scattered around on the road working against one another in a game of deceit. One was passing the vehicles, the rest spreading their net against innocent citizens.

“As soon as I was passed, two of them crossed my vehicle and forced me to slow down. They opened my door forcefully thinking they were armed robbers.

“On the contrary, they started asking me why I decided to move when in the real sense of it I was on the move with other vehicles in my back and front. Perhaps they saw me as ‘Jonny Just Come’ in Lagos with Abuja number plate.”

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The pastor was handed a ₦25,000 fine for no just reason

According to him, all his efforts to convince the traffic officials of his innocence went to their deaf ears. Consequently, he was asked to be escorted to their secretariat to check his record if by any chance he had committed any traffic offence while passing through that same road.

He further stated:

“One of them was assigned to me, playing saint, discussing with me as if there was no ulterior motive behind my unwarranted arrest. Lo and behold, I was respectively parked expecting them to check their logbook for the confirmation of my previous booking or arrest.

“In a twinkle of an eye, the man that subtly lured me in disappeared into thin air. I was left at the hands of ‘lions and hyenas’ who were ready to puncture my tyres and that of others who were also clandestinely brought to the traffic division of Oshodi-Isolo LGA weeping and crying over the way and manner they were brought in and grounded their vehicles for no just cause.”

To his utmost surprise, he was handed a fine of ₦25,000 for traffic obstruction. While he was pondering over a lot of things in his mind, he realized at that point that he would have to pay the money. The pastor requested to pay to the cashier but the officials shockingly collected the money from him at the spot while issuing him the receipt.

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