Traffic chaos in Lagos as 20-foot container falls off trailer (PHOTOS)


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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In another incident to compound the already grim traffic situation in Apapa, Lagos, a container fell off the trailer transporting it, and causing a jam. See how it happened and check updates here!

The 17th of June witnessed the fall of a 20 foot container in the under bridge area of Danlami, Area B, in Apapa, Lagos state. The container was being conveyed by a carrier- trailer when it fell.

The fallen container effectively cut off traffic on the somewhat narrow road, and caused a disturbing traffic jam. Apapa has become a perennial venue for long and frustrating traffic jams, such as the infamous Apapa road “gridlock” that even attracted presidential attention.


LASTMA officials were on hand to make sure the traffic build up was broken

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Frequent commuters on that axis bemoaned the fact that this was a constant occurrence that periodically causes no end of difficulty for motorists and even pedestrians. It was expected that the Presidency’s wading into the plan to clear the congestion on the road would have yielded positive fruit. However It appears hopes are fast dwindling, as he Apapa gridlock remains more or less.

The fallen container was finally dealt with when a private heavy vehicle recovery unit arrived on the scene. In the meanwhile, LASTMA officials were on hand to ensure there was a free flow of traffic despite the mishap. Happily, there are no reported injuries or death as a result of the mishap.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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