Tragic! Lagos car painter lost life while sleeping in car inside an oven


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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After several attempts to locate his whereabouts, the automobile painter was found lying motionless in a vehicle parked in an oven. Read full story below!

A report has just reached us here on Naijauto, prior to a disturbing incident that occurred recently in Lagos. Opeyemi Oguntunbo, who happened to be an automobile painter, lost his life while sleeping in a vehicle parked in an oven. From what we learned, this particular oven belongs to JD Auto Workshop, located at General Paints Bus-stop, Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos State.


The oven belonging to JD Auto Workshop, where Oguntunbo died from suffocation

Don't let traffic deter you from going home

From reports, the automobile painter, Oguntunbo and his colleagues, including a co-painter identified by the name Wasiu Adesina, his supervisor and some unknown people, found it a bit difficult to go home after the day’s work due to severe traffic along Lekki-Epe expressway.

This traffic gridlock reportedly made them resort to sleeping in the workplace. While Adesina and other workers decided to spend the night in the office, Oguntunbo was alleged to have sneaked into a vehicle parked inside the oven.

Never sleep in a running car with AC on

The victim then switched on the ignition and AC of the vehicle while sleeping in the oven. Unfortunately, the emitted smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust covered the oven and suffocated him right where he was sleeping.

When his colleagues were questioned after the tragic incident, they claimed they didn’t know that the late Oguntunbo was not with them in the office where they slept. The supervisor revealed that they later found Oguntunbo lifeless in the oven after a long search for him around the premises of the workshop.

After several attempts to resuscitate him from his motionless state, he was later confirmed dead from the emitted smoke.


If you must sleep inside car, roll down the window

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Full narration from witness

Adesina disclosed:

“We were supposed to go home on Saturday, but because there was gridlock, we decided to sleepover in the workshop with the intention of leaving early the next day when hopefully there would be less congestion on the road. But when I woke up around 4.30 a.m., I woke Peter up, but Oguntunbo was nowhere to be found.”

“The gate was bolted from inside and he should, therefore, be on the premises; so, we started searching for him in the workshop and also checked all the vehicles that were parked on our premises, but we could not find him. But when I sent someone to check the oven, he returned to inform me that the engine of the car parked in the oven was still running.”

He further stated:

“I started reprimanding him for what he had done but he never responded. I never knew he had died; so, I informed my boss and we both went to the police station to report.”

The boss of the late Oguntunbo, Daye Oruwari, while paying respect to the family of the deceased, made it known that the painter had only spent 3 months in their company. He disclosed the support of the company in the burial arrangement for the late automobile painter.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning / Educational Video

Bala Elkana, the state Police PRO, stated that there was nothing like violent mark on his body after they were mobilized to the scene. He said the remains of Oguntunbo have been deposited in the Mainland Hospital’s morgue for autopsy.

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