[Photos] This is how Lagos BRT buses are implementing the government’s social distancing policy


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Photos show that Lagos BRT buses are complying with the government’s transport guidelines regarding social distancing. See how passengers are arranged!

Despite the usual “rush” of Lagosians when it comes to boarding commercial transport vehicles, new photos have shown that the Lagos BRT bus operators managed to enforce their new sitting arrangements which aligns with the recent government-issued transport guidelines. The photos show how social distancing is being maintained among passengers while only 60% capacity of the buses were being used in accordance with the government’s directive.


Operators of Lagos BRT buses adhere to the government’s transport guidelines with new seat arrangements

Following our recent report showing the new sitting arrangement that all Lagos BRT buses are to adopt as lockdown eases, we have gotten new reports confirming that this development is indeed being implemented. From the above photos, it is obvious that the BRT bus operators kept some seats marked as approved to be occupied while others were to be left empty in order to maintain proper social distancing among passengers. This sitting arrangement also helps the bus operators to comply with the 60% maximum vehicle loading capacity directive of the government.


Lagos BRT bus passengers obey social distancing directive of the government in Oshodi

The above photos were reportedly taken during the early hours of Tuesday 5th of May 2020 at a BRT bus terminal in Oshodi, Lagos. Apart from the impressive compliance of the BRT bus operators with the new government directives, passengers could also be seen adhering to the social distancing policy while putting on their individual nose masks as they queue to board the buses. If this type of proper adherence to the new government rules can be observed by all Lagosians, then the spread of the novel COVID-19 disease could probably drop drastically without the need for another total lockdown.

Meanwhile, a U.S-based Nigerian nurse claims that confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria might be fake. See her interview video below;

  Coronavirus: Nigerians in New York don’t believe the cases back home are real - Nurse | Legit TV

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