Treat Lagos-Badagry Expressway as emergency - Students beg FG, Lagos Govt.


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The suffering occasioned by the disaster proportions state of the Lagos-Badagry expressway led to a protest by students early this week. The group are requesting the federal government as well as lagos governor to immediately fix the deplorable road. See their statements below!

The Trans-West African Coastal Highway is a great sounding name or title for a road. It connotes international travel across borders, and this is exactly what this express road is. It is the road that leads out of or into Nigeria from or to Benin Republic, Ghana, and the rest of Africa. It is an international road by every description, until you experience the "hell on earth" that the Nigerian portion of the road has been described as and has become in the last 10 years.

Students of tertiary institutions along this road, also called the Lagos-Badagry Expressway could no longer suffer in silence on Tuesday, and poured into the streets in a peaceful protest against the extremely sorry condition of this road. The students are right to protest. Many of them squander hours each day on their way to school, in the sweltering heat, navigating this stretch called a road for lack of a better name.


You can be stranded literally for hours on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway

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The protesting students drawn from the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education and Lagos State University, were very descriptive in their descriptions of the condition of the road, and the agonies Nigerians unfortunate enough to inhabit that axis of Lagos go through daily. They asked both the Lagos State government as well as the Federal government to treat the road as a state of emergency.

Speaking to newspapers, the students intoned that since they were born, they were yet to see a road in that state even in rural villages. They later described the road as a “shame” to both the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Lagos state government.

In fact, many foreign tourists travel through this road daily and almost all of them are curious how such a road can exist in this modern era and how nearby residents can survive going through it on a daily basis.


The Lagos-Badagry expressway left a negative impression on foreign tourists about Nigeria

There is the strong hope that the incoming administration of Sanwo-Olu of Lagos state will do something about the road, virtually abandoned since 2009 when construction and rehabilitation began.

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