A ₦290m LaFerrari Hypercar engine is put up for sale on eBay


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Would you buy this ₦290million LaFerrari Hypercar engine that costs more than the price of a Bentley Mulsanne plus a Rolls-Royce Phantom? See the engine here!

Just when you think you have seen it all, Naijauto comes out with another real-life unbelievable gist from the automotive world.

Just of recent, a certain report surfaced online revealing how a V12 engine of 2017 LaFerrari Hypercar that has just 20 miles on it was being listed for sale at a shocking price of ₦290 million ($800,000) on the online retail store eBay with a “Buy it Now” tag.


2017 LaFerrari Aperta hybrid V12 engine – Will you buy this for ₦290 million price tag?

It was interesting to find out that this same engine had once been posted on the same platform “eBay” back in the year 2017 for just ₦103 million ($285,000) as the price which the seller was willing to sell it back then. But now in 2019, we are looking at almost triple of the price in the new listing.

So, where are the remaining parts of the 2017 LaFerrari Hypercar from which the engine is removed?


This super expensive LaFerrari Aperta Hypercar V12 hybrid engine delivers 949hp & 217mph top speed

Well, we are guessing that the complete donor car probably got involved in a fatal accident that left its Hybrid V12 engine as the only salvageable part. This engine delivers a 217mph top speed and a whopping 949hp.

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A Limited Edition 2017 LaFerrari Aperta Hypercar cost at least ₦504m & can only be bought via auction now

Many people will be shocked at the ₦290 million ($800,000) price tag on the salvaged 2017 LaFerrari hybrid V12 engine because the price of the engine alone is enough to acquire a brand-new Bentley Mulsanne plus a 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII which starts at ₦100 million ($276,000) and ₦162 million ($450,000) respectively.

Funny isn’t it?

We do have to mention that the LaFerrari Limited Edition Hypercar is all sold out already with each unit priced above ₦504 million ($1.4 million) and you could only get such a car nowadays through auction alone.

In fact, an open-top version which was also the last unit of the LaFerrari Aperta cost ₦792 million ($2.2 million) and has been auctioned for ₦3.6 billion ($10 million) back in the year 2017.

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