Lady’s leg amputated after Ex first lady Patience Jonathan's cousin crushed it with his car


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Former Nigeria first lady, Patience Jonathan's cousin reportedly crushed girlfriend's leg with his car and drove off just after a bitter breakup.

All over the world, every relationship usually comes with its own issues and most partners usually move on quickly after a breakup. However, some people find it very difficult to separate on a peaceful note without creating a scene.

In a new report, a cousin to Nigeria’s Ex first lady; Patience Jonathan, allegedly got extremely violent with his girlfriend during a recent ugly breakup which led to injuries for the lady.


Former Nigeria first lady, Patience Jonathan's cousin – Victor Oba reportedly injured girlfriend after a recent breakup

According to reports, Victor Oba is the name of ex-first lady Patience Jonathan’s cousin and also the injured girlfriend was identified as one Seigha Atia. It was recorded that Oba ran into the lady with his car and crushed her leg before eventually driving off just after she broke up with him. It was also gathered that the lady actually requested for the breakup of their 4-month old relationship because of Victor Oba’s violent nature which is clear beyond doubt now, following his recent action.

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Reports from various online sources claim that the Nigerian police had arrested Victor Oba after the incident but then released him shortly afterward and he is roaming free till now. Meanwhile, the 23-year old Seigha Atia’s leg had to be amputated as the best treatment following the incident to avoid further complications.


Nigerian lady Seigha Atia’s suffered severe injuries after ex-boyfriend crushed her legs with his SUV during an ugly breakup

Below is a short narration of the incident by the victim (Seigha Atia) according to online sources:

“On the day of the incident, we had an argument and he called me and asked me to come outside of our gate to get the rest of my things in his car.The next thing, he drove his car into me with speed. He hit me against our gate, held me there and did not reverse his car despite the fact that I was screaming in pains. He later reversed and I fell to the ground and he zoomed off. My neighbors, who watched what happened screamed for help and came to my rescue."

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