Lady got her braids tied to bus chair for refusing to give a married soldier her phone number


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Payback they commonly say is a bitch! See what a man did to a lady that insulted him after he asked for her phone number in a public transport.

There is nothing you won’t see in this life. People can really go the extra mile in sending a message to whosoever crosses their path. When it concerns affairs of the heart, it is ten times worse, especially when it concerns a public refusal. From the report reaching us at Naijauto, a man decided to restore his manly dignity by doing something unthinkable after he was insulted in a public bus from a lady who refused to give him her number.


The allegedly married Nigerian soldier decided to tie the lady's braids to the bus chair after being scorned

According to further report, we learnt that the man in question, Marvin Enwelikwu, is a married Nigerian soldier. He recently took to social media by bragging on how he punished a lady that refused his love advances in a commercial bus.

As a way of paying back for the insults heaped on him after approaching the lady for her number, the man decided to tie her braids to the chair of the bus before he stopped at the next bus stop.

Looks like the man has paid back what he felt he didn’t deserve in the first place. Do you think the man was right for doing this to the lady?

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Here's what he wrote on his Facebook account:

“I asked of her number she started insulting me, no other option to pay her back than to do this to her because am dropping at the next bus-stop. Next time she will learn how to talk to gentlemen did I do anything wrong I hate nonsense”


Most people disapprove of the soldier's action, worrying that the girl might be injured

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