Lady attacked, ₦400k stolen after boarding Sienna in Lagos


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A lady on Twitter has narrated a chilling story of her sister who was beaten up and robbed after boarding a Sienna in Lagos.

A Nigerian lady on Twitter has shared a story of how her sister was brutally dealt with and her ₦400,000 stolen from her by some 'one chance ‘robbers who gave her a lift on her way to work on Tuesday, January 14.

The lady who narrated the harrowing ordeal under the handle @Funkemyfun said her younger sister boarded a Sienna car at Berger around 5 am to head to Victoria Island.

As soon as she settled in the car, four hefty guys quickly entered the car and started to beat her, while the car sped off.

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They kept beating her for almost an hour. She was taken to Ikeja and there, was assaulted and threatened.

The guys went through her phone and all apps and forced her to make a transfer of ₦400,000. They applied 'ABONIKI balm' on her face, followed by more beating and finally pushed her out of the car while in motion.

Here are the screenshots of the thread on Twitter, as taken by Naijauto.


@Funkemyfun narrated the ordeal her sister faced in the hands of one chance robbers


The sister was brutally dealt with before her money was stolen from her

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